Feeling Unhealthy? Here Are Some Tips for Getting Back on Track

Maybe you’ve been really busy at work lately, or maybe you’ve been partying too hard. Whatever the reason, many people end up experiencing a feeling of just being “unhealthy” in general, without having any clearly identifiable, serious disease to a attribute the sensations to.

It’s always more difficult than it should be to thrive, and enjoy life to the utmost, when you are weighed down by feelings of chronic discomfort, unease, and ill-health. So, it’s no surprise that companies such as Medichecks, who offer blood tests for a variety of deficiencies and conditions, are growing in popularity.

Everyone wants to be in control of their own health, and feel your best. But what if there is no clear medical reason for how you’re feeling, or what if you’re reluctant to jump straight onto pharmaceutical treatment for a chronic, but non-life-threatening condition?

Well, here are some tips that might help to get you back on the right track, feeling your best.

Consider giving up anything you may be addicted to

When it comes to hard drugs, everyone knows that “addiction” is a bad thing. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever meet someone who thinks being strung out is “healthy” or “not such a big deal.”

And yet, a huge number of us are genuinely addicted to all sorts of “socially acceptable” substances, and don’t make the connection that there could be a health problem lurking there.

If you’re addicted to coffee, or some other “harmless” substance, consider seriously giving it up – at least for a couple of months. You might find that the withdrawal symptoms hit you harder than you’d expected, and that you come out on the other side feeling a lot better.

For one thing, cutting out coffee can help you to improve your quality of sleep dramatically and reduce stress, which is key to overall good health.

Try some non-intrusive, low-impact, complementary and holistic therapies

Conventional medical treatments can save your life, but for non-life-threatening conditions, the side effects of pharmaceutical treatments may not be worth the trade-off for you.

Enter complementary and holistic therapies.

There are a wide range of techniques out there that may help to improve your sense of well-being, and at the very least motivate you to live a more balanced life. A lot can be done with needles alone, ranging from acupuncture, to micro-needling (a practice used to improve skin quality.)

And if you’re not a very spiritual or “mystical” person, you may find that a Reiki session is strangely soothing all the same, whether due to the placebo effect, the benefits of relaxation, or anything else.

Strip your life back down to the essentials, and create a routine that makes you feel good and keeps you productive

Psychosomatic conditions are very real, and often, people end up feeling chronically unhealthy because their lives are out of order, and they are not living in a way that makes them happy.

To counteract this, strip your life back down to the essentials. Get rid of all the petty distractions and things that make you feel unfulfilled.

Create a structured daily routine that helps you to feel good, and that keeps you productive, as well as keeping you focused on the things in life that matter most to you.

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