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Theodore Roosevelt said that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’, and he wasn’t wrong. When we compare we forget to care for ourselves. Instead, we berate ourselves for not doing enough, or not having everything our friends do. Even worse, we spend so much time comparing that our lives pass us by without us acknowledging it.

Be honest; how many hours do you spend on Instagram or Pinterest, marvelling at how your life could be different? Do you look at those perfect pictures and wish that you could have what those people do? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. This is a common issue, and it’s one we need to focus on if we’re to going to stand a chance at achieving wellness in our lives before it passes us by. 

The first thing to note is that those people you admire probably spend plenty of time comparing themselves or their lives too. A picture may paint a thousand words, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Remembering that can go a long way towards addressing this issue. You may also want to take the following steps to focus on self-care rather than comparison from now on.

Spend less time online 

The trouble with spending large amounts of time on resources like Instagram is that they both invite unrealistic comparisons, and stop you from living your best life. You’re hardly going to appreciate what you’ve got with your head in a screen. 

Start by putting the phone away. Get into the habit of leaving it out of reach, or turning it off altogether. Delete apps which invite the worst comparisons, and then open your eyes to the life you’re living. You may find that, while it isn’t perfect, it’s a lot better than you realized when you were filling your head with what everyone else has got. 

Face imperfections head-on

If your imperfections are getting you down right now, it’s time that you faced them instead of comparing. If you’re unhappy with your appearance, work a little harder to address the issue. 

For instance if you have scars, why not book up for a skin treatment on sites like so that you can take selfies you're  proud of? If you want to lose some extra weight, why not start exercising? Even if issues are more to do with your living situation than your looks, it’s in your power to change them. Stop wasting time comparing. 

Instead, focus your energy on creating the life that you want. 

Better yourself

Speaking of creating the life that you want, you could also focus on bettering yourself to prevent future comparisons. 

Do you turn red with envy when you see self-made entrepreneurial women? Work to develop your own business idea, or sign up for a business course like those found at

If you want to be able to create or take better pictures like the people in your Instagram feed, head to YouTube or other resources to learn how. 

These are simple steps which can stop those comparisons in their tracks once and for all.

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