How to Get By as a Busy Dog Owner

Most people lead busy lives, but that does not mean if you own a dog they should be neglected of love. You can be busy and be a good dog owner, it just takes a bit of planning on your part.

Making time for the dog you love, and who loves you, is better for you both. Being busy can be stressful, but research has shown time and time again that a pet can be good for reducing your stress.

Develop A Routine

We all know that dogs cannot tell the time but they do have an uncanny knack of knowing when it is meal time or time for a walk. They love routine and if you stick to a schedule with your dog, they will soon get to know when they can eat or you will play with them.

Make Sure They Have The Basics

Food and water play a big part in the life of a dog. Always make sure that they have food they enjoy, but one that is also good for them. Plenty of water is vital It will help to keep your dog healthy and their coat shiny. Groom them at least once a week and take them to the vet for a checkup twice a year. These basics will keep them healthier and happier and should never be missed no matter how busy you are.

Exercise Is Vital

Dogs need exercise, especially if they are left on their own for a few hours each day. It is not fair to expect them to go for many hours without needing the toilet, for example, and although a dog door into the back yard might help with this, it will not prevent them from being lonely.

If you are in this situation with your dog you should consider how much fairer it would be on them to hire a dog walker. You could arrange for one to call halfway through the day to take them a walk and provide them with some company for a while.

Of course, this is no substitute for you, but they will very soon get to know the dog walker and will look forward to their daily time together.

Find A Dog Friend

Some dogs benefit from playing with other dogs. If your pet is one that gets on well with other dogs, look around your circle of friends and see if anyone else has a sociable pet. They can benefit greatly from playing with another dog. It will help them mentally, physically, and with their special skills.

This is the reason that some pets owners get a second dog, but the problem is that until you have the additional pet, you will not know how they get on together. It can make you feel even busier with two dogs to look after, but in reality, it could make it simpler as your pet will always have company and someone to play with.

You do not have to go without the love dogs will give because you have a busy life. You have to be prepared to give up some of your leisure time for them, but it is well worth doing.

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