Super Cute, Versatile & Affordable Sandals for the Season!

You all already know that I'm all about home and DIY's and creativity in general but I'm also a lover of all things beauty, self care, wellness and style both personally and in our homes!

I'm no model, let's get that clear, and I definitely don't consider myself a Style Blogger.  But I have to say, I've always been a fashion lover and my style has changed a lot throughout the years, its way more comfortable and relaxed now than before but its also the same in many ways.  I still love bargain shopping, that's always been a given, since in my teens and earning my first paycheck, I've always shopped second hand stores and clearance or sales isles.  If I can avoid paying full price, I will.  Nonetheless I still look for quality versus quantity.  I'm all about buying into quality and clothes and shoes that will last if I want them to.

Link source for the Zara sandals above click here
Every year I look into buying a good 2 or maybe 3 pairs of sandals that I know I will wear the moment the weather warms up in the Spring well through Summer and into Fall if I can.  Yes, that's what I do.  And guess what its worth it because they last.  I also love to buy sandals that I know I can wear with in many ways with many different outfits or wardrobe period.

These are just a few affordable sandals and ones I believe are withing reason of a budget and yet still have that quality to last you throughout the year.

Happy shopping friends!

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