A Summer Recipe: Sundried Tomato Crostini

Let me just say, that when it comes to eating outdoors it simply motivates you to get creative in the kitchen, but getting creative and creating a hassle free menu really is just that, hassle free and super easy.  Like this Summer appetizer I'm about to share with you.

The months may have flown by but Spring has barely sprung up on us.  Truth is we might've skipped it all together.  But it doesn't mean that on those good days of weather that we've had, we haven't taken advantage of them, because believe me, we have.

I'm not at all a fan of Summer heat, but I do appreciate a good outdoor dining experience especially when you can accompany it with some fine wine.

Working with Coppola wines is always a pleasure because their wines are exceptional.  And this recipe definitely pairs well with their Sauvignon Blanc.  Although this post is not at all a wine sponsored post, I couldn't help but share this EASY to whip up crostinin appetizer recipe for your next outdoor dining get together or family dinner or BBQ in the backyard.


1. Sourdough or French bread loaf (pre-cut or whole)
2. Whipped goat cheese (store bought or from local cheese shop)
3. A Jar of Sun-dried Tomatoes (store bought)
4. Fresh Arugula or Spinach works too

I think we all pretty much know how to go about preparing this delicious appetizer with all the ingredients I've mentioned above, either way, there's no wrong way to creating this easy enough (& pretty enough) to eat pairing dish.

We like our crostini's toasted on the grill, spread some olive oil on them and throw them on for a couple of minutes or to your liking.

Hope you're all having a great Spring so far and let's welcome Summer soon enough with some good wine and delicious food!!

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