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You guys, I don't even know where to begin to tell you how life has been lately. It seems to not only be flying by but I'm also very happy that I've been taking more time away from distractions and making the best of times with my little family and with loved ones. Truth is, I think God just knew that this year was going to be one of those years and one that I really needed put more focus on for personal and professional reasons. All around.

Unfortunately with removing myself from distractions when blogging is not your actual job but a hobby instead, it tends to sometimes get put on the back burner and as much as I'd like to do this every day, it's not quite yet possible.  None the less I'm still here and I'm still blogging any chance I get because sharing with you all some of my favorite things is truly what inspires me every day.

So with that said, I also like to keep you updated on life happenings any chance I get, here in cyberspace, because the truth is, hopping onto Instagram or stories, sometimes for me just isn't always doable due to the constant shift.

As May has finally come to a closing and as June comes into play, why not end it with a little bit of what we've been up to lately.

Currently Watching

My husband and I are finally watching Designated Survivor on Netflix. We started just last week, only because we've pretty much caught up on everything else we normally watch for the season. And because the second season will be coming to Netflix very soon.  We're also excited for a new season of MindHunter, also a Netflix true crime drama.

Currently Listening To

I am currently on board the Billie Eilish train. I’ve always liked a few of her songs (Ocean Eyes, Lovely) but “Bad Guy” totally got me!

Really looking forward to Silversun Pickups new album being released in June.  Huge fan and this album sounds great already!

Currently Eating

Salads. Yes, I crave salads.  Once you hop on that good eating habits train, you tend to want to stay on that ride for a while, on and off of course I tend to indulge a little but nothing beats a good salad and feeling good afterwards for sticking to it.

I highly recommend the Chick-Fil-A salads and almost all of the salads that Trader Joe's carries as well.  Those are the ones I crave the most.

Of course I still love baking and when craving something homemade and sweet, I tend to bake, looking forward to whipping up some pies very soon!

Currently Shopping For

I am currently shopping for both my son's birthday and Father's Day gifts.  Amazon of course is amazing and I'll be sharing a post very soon of some great gifts for dad!

My biggest purchase this month was brand new Pier1 patio chairs, which are currently still on sale, thanks to the Memorial Day sales and a very affordable umbrella for our backyard.  Although we don't tend to overdo it, I also love to invest in our backyard essentials when it comes to the warmer seasons.  We tend to start spending more time outdoors, dining and entertaining therefore new and comfortable furniture is needed.

Currently Doing

As I mentioned above, I've been taking some time to enjoy more family time but I’ve also been categorizing and deleting super old posts that don’t seem relevant to my blog anymore. Feels good to be doing some Spring Cleaning on the blog platform too!  Getting rid of the old and unnecessary to make more room for the new.

It’s such a great feeling to get off my phone and explore with my kids and family and to feel more present in the now, not to mention, taking more care of myself lately, physically and mentally!  More on that soon.

Currently Thinking

Focusing more on personal development and adding good changes to my life, again, both physically and mentally and the home-front, that's always primary. I’ve discussed it here before, but since January I’ve cut down on my “projects” and focused on my own well being. For me personally this means reducing the sugar I eat, finding consistency in being active, reading, and exploring with my family. And connecting with my husband.

The difference in how I feel as a person between then and now is astounding. It’s exactly what I needed.

Currently Planning

This spring there are a couple checklist items that need to be completed – finish the landscaping in our front yard and backyard, we've already checked off a few things, like the new windows and organization.  There's no rush in getting them done because we're taking our time, but once they're done boy does it feel good.

Also currently planning Summer birthdays, my son, husband and my own.  40 is on the verge folks!

We're also planning a few small weekend travels this Summer and I'll be out of commission for the month of August due to surgery, but again, more on that soon.

Thank you guys for stopping by the blog today as always!  Make sure to come back for more very soon!

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