Taking Your Family On An International Vacation

Vacations can be a lot of hard work, despite what they imply with their very name. If you’ve got kids to keep occupied and entertained, whilst school’s out and all their friends are abroad with their families, it’s going to be even more challenging to plan a trip like this out. If you don’t have any children, but you’ve got plenty of siblings who think you should all band together to do something for the summer, you’re going to have to pay your way as well! 

You’ve got flight tickets to fork out for, you’ve got the hotel bill (or bills…) to somehow manage, and you’ve got the kids or your annoying younger sister asking if they can buy from every single gift shop you go through. It’s an expensive time in any family member’s life, whether your family are still young or fully fledged adults, and it might just be more stress than it’s worth. 

A lot of us think it’d be better worth it to stay home again, to explore the towns and cities around us, and just take day trips for that sprinkle of adventure from time to time. But one day, you’re going to have to take things abroad. So let’s try and make that transition easier on you! Here’s just a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to leaving on a jet plane with your nearest and dearest in tow. 

Not All Destinations Are Created Equal

If you’re taking your family abroad for a vacation, and it’s your first time leaving the country with toddlers or pre teens in tow, then you’re going to need to pick a family friendly destination. Consider it practice for the time being; if you’re headed someone that’s notorious for having familial interests in mind, you’re going to find it a lot easier to take your household on a walking holiday up a mountain or along to Machu Picchu the next time you plan a trip away; all in all, you’ll know what to expect. 

So make sure you’ve got the top family friendly spots in mind, for all the varying interests your family members might have. Wondrous ancient sites for anyone with an imagination, sandy beaches and sun in the sky for people who love to lay back and relax, and city streets packed with novelty shops and boutiques for anyone who loves to spend a bit of cash. A good family vacation destination has it all. 

So, which places are at the top of the list? Australia, for one, is very good at catering to tastes like these. Plenty of cities to splash your money in, as well as plenty of new and interesting wildlife you’re not very likely to see anywhere else in the world outside of a zoo. Not to mention the amount of beaches on offer, as well as the outback to drive your way through on a picturesque road trip. Bondi is just one of the many areas you might end up, and it’s worth it to keep on going in a country like this. 

Worrying About the Hotel

Will it be family friendly? Will there be enough room for you, your partner, and the kids? Will you have to share a bed with your sister who snores and fidgets all night? Will there be breakfast options available, to make sure you can feed your kids in the morning without having to make them wait? After all, we can get cranky enough when there’s no food around, but anyone under the age of 15 can turn that up to 11! Not to mention the rage your brother can get in when there’s no pancakes on the menu. 

If you have the money, and you’re interested in turning the destination you're visiting into a regular family vacationing spot, it might be worth your while to invest in a holiday home. After all, the more space you have to yourself, the better you can exercise your children’s energy levels! 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to party as long into the night as you like, with the night owls and club lovers you call your siblings dancing along with you? Not to mention the security a home away from home can afford your vacation plans; you won’t have to second guess time your decisions to take time off work or to book a hotel room at the last minute - your summer home will always be there, with no hidden fees and no delays. 

But where would be good to invest, if you’re looking to plan out your vacations like this? Well, there’s plenty of rumah murah di jakarta right now, and nothing says ‘family vacation’ like taking the people you love most in the world to the other side of the globe to bask in a different culture. It’s a great way to educate your kids, it’s a great way to guarantee you make memories with family you might not regularly see, and it’s just a great way to spend your summer breaks; you might be fish out of water the first time you go, but you’re all fishy tourists together!

So, How Do You Feel About Family Friendly Vacations? 

When they’re abroad, that is. We can stay at home and play it safe, but more often than not, that gets boring after the first couple of years. By that time we usually know the sights to see like the back of our hands, and your family members are going to be the first people to tell you they don’t want to do that again this year! 

So you might just have to hop on a flight and get out of the country. Make sure you pack up all the essentials if you’ve got younger people with you, and pack some headphones in case your siblings ever get a bit too annoying on your shoulders. Family vacations are meant to be happy times for all involved, and that includes you too!

Happy Summer and Happy Travels!

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