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Okay first things first, did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month?  

Okay, just checking!

 I love having ice cream all year round but this month with the weather, it's just a must, eating healthier or not, this mama is having her ice cream!!

Okay, okay, now let's talk life.

Summer weather is here and I’m excited to see what the next few months have in store.

This time of year is when our family finally catches a bit of a break and we get to relax a little more than usual.  Not to mention we also try to soak up as much of Summer as we can, normally we're not much fans of the Summer heat but this year, we're craving that Vitamin D! 

The kids (or big kids now) find fun ways to hang out with their friends, so time spent with them when possible is precious these days, as the husband preps for hunting season and I get to do more of ME, set goals and or find ways to keep myself busy if needed and actually read a book or two!

With June having come and gone, unfortunately I didn't get to update you on much last month.  June is pretty busy with end of school year things, my son's birthday, Father's Day, etc. Therefore I'll just kinda update you on what's happening and what's to come this July.

Here are a few things we've been up to.


Netflix and Hulu junkes over here!

Both the second season of Little Big Lies and the sixth season of Younger came back this past month on Hulu. So far, Little Big Lies, has not disappointed in comparison to last season.  I've also recently became obsessed with Outlander and the latest season of Good Witch on Netflix.  Truth is, I've been deprived of the Hallmark channel for the last year and a half (no cable only streaming) therefore a little Hallmark in my life was necessary.

The husband and I usually have something to watch together but currently most of our shows are off season therefore we're not watchnig anything at the moment with shared interest.  Which is fine, because hunting season is kicking off this month.

The past month was also filled with prepping our house for Summer.  Like adding an AC unit finally to the house which here in Southern California is a must have with Cali Summer heat.  Plus I love to de-clutter in the weeks leading up to end-of-school and beginning of Summer for the sole purpose of simply enjoying the season outdoors as much as we can without the worry of much else besides the necessary.

Listening To

Spotify is currently where I'm at, everything from Top Hits to my all time favorite classic and alternative rock.  But Amy Shark has slowly become a new favorite of mine, I've listened to her stuff before but lately I've really been into her music.


Salads, Protein and all things Keto.  I had taken a little bit of a break in the beginning of the year but with Summer on the verge I knew hopping back onto the Keto wagon was necessary and I lost 10lbs just in time for swimsuit season, not to mention, I always feel better overall when I don't eat bad carbs.

And when the weather heats up, I swear all I want to eat is a really fresh and delicious salad and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Farm to table is our motto.

Also for the first time in years, I bought Frosted Flakes. They did not disappoint.  That's for whenever the sweet tooth kicks in.

Shopping For

For the first time since last Spring I purchased myself some new clothes. These shorts from Old Navy are so flattering, I told myself that this was the year for shorts, no matter what I look like! 

Meanwhile I purchased this dress from Target as well, below are a few I thought were just as cute and you'll find well within your budget (which is exactly my budget when it comes to shopping).

Beyond that, this month has been minimal for shopping for anything else. Summer is extremely expensive for us simply because birthdays, so I’m trying to play with our budget and make it all work.


Since last month, we finally had AC installed into our home.  No more relying on fans or portable AC's for cool air in the Summer.

Truth is even though we wish all the renovations could get done all at once, realistically that's not going to happen.  So every year we decide on what takes priority over the other things needed.

So far this year, we focused on new windows and AC throughout, therefore we're done for the year on big budget reno's.  Now we wait until next year.


That I’m having a bit of a hard time connecting to the blog. For the past 5 years, blogging inspiration has come in waves for me. Usually I don't have trouble finding and creating content, but this time things are different. This year has been different. I’ve have projects to share, but no motivation to sit and write the actual posts.

I’ve been spending a significant amount of time on me – eating well, exercising, accomplishing personal goals, etc. My energy has just been focused elsewhere, which is both good and bad.


Frugal summer trips and fun date nights. Really just trying to plan to have fun this Summer as much as we can or have time for.

With my surgery coming up this month, I'll be out of commssion for a few weeks, so unfortunately for me, this Summer will be a short one.  None the less, making the best of it is my goal and already planning well into Fall my friends, I am a Virgo after all.

What are you up to this month?

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