Casual WorkWear For The Current Season | 2021

Some of you just like your kids who are going back-to-school, are also probably getting ready to go back-to-work?! Or maybe back into some kind of work-from-home routine.

Whether you're going back into the office or working from home, hopefully your workwear doesn't differ too much except it kinda does, right?! Truth is working from home has its perks and being able to wear activewear, yoga pants or jeans or even your favorite sweats definitely has it's upside or downside depending on how you look at it. 

Personally I love that I can pretty much dress-up or down even if I am casual all around while working from home. I don't like to stay in my pajamas that's for sure because I need to have some kind of motivation to get me going or otherwise I don't feel very productive.

Now running a business from home, means I work mostly from home but occasionally I do have to get into some kind of business attire when I have an outside meeting or a work event to attend. But luckily it's as easy as wearing your favorite casual jeans, a-line skirt or casual dress and throwing on a blazer jacket and voila, casual workwear!

When I think of summer clothes, I think light, airy, and honestly, lots of skin showing. But when it comes to workwear, my mind goes to brighter shades, lighter fabrics, and more conservative silhouettes. This is why dressing for work in the summer can still be light and fun! 

While throwing on a blazer with any casual outfit is great keep in mind if you throw one on while wearing your favorite jeans, shorts, joggers or cargo pants its more for the creative office or less conservative workplace. But these options might just give you some ideas on what direction to go when it comes to transitioning Summer work attire into Fall.

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