DIY: Rustic Shutter "Wall Hanging" MakeUp Organizer

I've been meaning to share this post for the longest time because it's one of my favorite DIY's yet!

Not only is it super easy and super cheap but also so much fun to put together and put to some use.

Times may be changing and Farmhouse home decor might not be the big thing anymore, but I still love a cool rustic piece and having them spread around the house is my favorite mixed with both vintage, antique and modern pieces.

Believe it or not, this only required an old shutter which I crackled and painted with Country Chic Paint products a while ago, Dollartree office organizing supplies and random screws.

When I started to put this together, it wasn't something I was planning to share, I simply needed somewhere to put my make-up and brushes.  I have a very small vanity area in our master bedroom and counter space is limited.  Therefore getting creative was the next best thing.

As you all know the shutters I had already recycled and painted and crackled with Country Chic Paint products, you can find the post here.  I listed the process and products I used in that post for the shutters to have that old crackle look.

The rest of the items, which is just the metal pencil holders and desk organizers are all from the Dollartree store and I spray painted them all white to match the shutters.

I simply found extra screws I had laying around and screwed them onto the shutter to hold since the desktop items already have hole openings it was easy enough to do so.

I added these D-ring hangers to the back of the shutters to easily hang on the wall and secure it wouldn't fall.

Hope this inspires you to put something you thought had not more use and turn it into something with purpose for the sake of organization.

Since I created this Rustic Shutter MakeUp Organizer it has made life easier with finding my brushes and palettes, not to mention clears up counter space which is amazing.

Check out for more of their exceptional chalk paint colors and don't forget to use my discount code CHARMEDCROWN10 for 10% off!

Happy DIY'ing friends!!

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