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Petmate la-z boy dog bed

First off let me start by saying dogs sleep up to 12 hours per day so it just makes sense that your pet has a comfy dog bed to snuggle into.  Which brings me to talk about how our dog's deserve just as much bed comfort as we do.  

Thanks to La-Z Boy pet bedding is crafted with the highest quality materials and standards. 

Picking the right dog bed is key, truth is, I did quite a lot of research before choosing but it helps too when one of your favorite furniture company just so happens to make that pet bed.  The quality and affordability always makes the top of my list of must haves also.

The potential savings could run into the thousands just by purchasing the right, yet beautiful dog bed for your four legged friends. How? Pets and humans suffer many common illnesses like arthritis and you can imagine the impact laying on cold hard concrete would have on your pet. Having said that, with the right dog bed they're not likely to suffer from illnesses and you're bound to save the money that you'd normally spend at the vet.

La-Z Boy pet beds are stylish enough for any room of your home — bedroom, living room, utility room, even the corner of the sunroom! And their pet bed integrates uniquely into your homes, where ever you decide to place yours, it's beautiful no matter what. Ours just so happens to be the La-Z Boy Velvet Merlot Cooper Mattress.  

 It's in our living room which opens up into our dining area as well, it's the room we all spend the most time in.  Therefore our pets are there too and they're pretty much anywhere we are.

Beautiful dog beds offer more than physical comfort, they also provide emotional safe places your pet can turn too at times of high anxiety or when simply feeling under the weather. 

Having friends around, playing some groovy music or maybe watching a family movie? 

There are many normal day to day activities that can cause anxiety to your pet and by providing your dog with a bed they will feel at ease knowing they can sit back and just observe the activities.

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With that said, La-Z Boy pet beds are designed with built in comfort features such as luxurious sleep surfaces and sturdy support. They have beds that fit every pets’ sleeping style! Our dogs, both just so happen to lay and sleep as a Side Sleeper and in what's called the Superman Sprawl (when dogs sleep on their bellies with their front legs stretched out in front and their back legs stretched behind.) Two of their favorite ways of laying and sleeping.

Both Rosa and Solo have settled into their new bed quite nicely, they do share it, they're both small enough to fit in it together.  And they definitely don't mind sharing it throughout the day but our oldest, Rosa, just so happens to be the one we really wanted it for, since she's older and sleeps the most throughout the day.

As you can see Solo our youngest looks thrilled when Rosa is in her most comfortable position and leaves little to no room for him.

He even attempts to give me the side eye, so I can do something about it but he'll just have to wait a little longer while sister sleeps.

La-Z boy pet beds are designed for quality sleeping experience. Sleep is important to humans and most definitely important to pets as well!  A lot of us don't realize that right away or learn this information right away and just go out and buy any bed for our dog's. 

Definitely keep in mind that the wellness of your dog and their sleep is a crucial component of the quality of their sleep.  La-Z Boy pet beds provides the means for your dog to get quality sleep. Our dogs are happier and have a lot more energy after a good night's sleep.  Not to mention the oldest used to wake up a lot due to her anxiety in the middle of the night and that's just not the case anymore.  She is older so it's not a problem that easily goes away but it's definitely gotten better now that she's in a more comfortable, high quality bed.

A few things to know and consider when purchasing your La-Z Boy pet bed;

Easy to clean — remove the outer cover, put in a machine & wash! 

La-Z Boy Bed enhances your home decor as a furniture piece in addition to being a luxurious sleeping bed for your dog. 

Your Dog's Sleeping Styles:

1.Side sleeper: Side sleepers tend to have happy-go-lucky and fiercely loyal personalities and are peaceful and comfortable with their surroundings. They sleep well on many types of beds: bolstered or non-bolstered.

2. The Donut: The Donut position is the most common sleeping position as it conserves body heat and makes dogs feel protected and reserved.

3. The Sprawl: The Sprawl position are confident and secure with themselves and their environment and tend to have independent personalities. These types of sleepers sleep well on pillows, sofas, and loungers.


We couldn't be happier with our new Petmate La-Z Boy pet bed and our dogs, definitely are happy too!  If you're a dog owner and want better sleep for your dog so you can sleep better too, go out and get a La-Z Boy pet bed today friends because our dog's deserve the best as much as anyone.

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