Kids Play Date with #KikkomanKids Cooking Party!

A little over two weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a Kikkoman Kids cooking party.  Though there wasn't any kids cooking, I made sure the kids enjoyed a couple of the recipes Kikkoman provided us with in order to host.

Full disclosure, Kikkoman did sponsor in helping host our party by providing us with aprons and coupons, but is not sponsoring this blog post, therefore all photos, opinions and cooking tips shared are my very own.

My nieces are the true inspiration behind these kind of events and parties I like to host.

The kids arrived and got to decorating their aprons right away.  

Food that I made from recommended Kikkoman Recipes, were served.

My Nieces Pictured Above

You can find the recipe to the Teriyaki Meatballs here.

You can find the recipe to the Sweet Teriyaki Corn here.

Besides getting the kids aquainted with the activities and the food, we also got to discussing the recipes and how delicious and easy they are.

Almost all of the kids had never had or tried Teriyaki Kikkoman sauces before therefore this was quite the treat for them and we were all so happy.  Because we all know how kids are not always easy to please when it comes to food.

I can't thanks my friend mama's for bringing over their kiddos and letting us show them a good time with Kikkoman and how easy it is for them (with your help of course) to whip up these recipes.

Now that they see Kikkoman in their grocery isle they'll know exactly what it is and want it in all of their recipes!

These kiddos had the best time and were soon best friends, literally all of them, I miss this age, so I plan to makes the best of it with my nieces while they're young!

So thankful for Ripple Street and Kikkoman for allowing me to host this #KikkomanKids cooking party for these irresistable faces!

Already looking forward to the next one.

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