Life Currently | September & October

Okay so I'm a little behind. And before November ends, I want to make sure you're all caught up on life over here.

I feel as though it's been months since I've looped you guys in on a Life Currently blog post.

Since August to be exact.  Truth is, every year September just so happens to be our busiest month, and somehow October was too this year.

We have tons of family birthdays to celebrate during September including mine, on top of everything else. And October was filled with all kinds of wedding duties for my little sister who got hitched finally this year!

November has been somewhat of our recooperating month, but I'll loop you in on that eventually, for now, let's just focus on the last couple of months.

Currently Watching

This is a hard one, because in the Fall I pretty much everything, I'm a huge fan of some of the popular shows currently playing on cable, which I watch on our HULU app. Including some Hulu originals, right now being Castle Rock.

Currently Reading

Sad to say, I'm not currently reading anything besides the ocassional magazine or home decor book on the coffee table.  I have been reading a ton of blogs though if that counts for anything.  Truth is time availability has not allowed me to browse and take the time to find a good book to read.  And I would very much like to be a part of a book club, just so I could be accountable for getting any book and just read. I really find peace in getting lost in a good book.

If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them, please share them below in the comments section.

Currently Listening To

I have been listening to a few podcasts lately though, since it's an easy thing to do while I'm in my work office and can work or multi task while I listen.

Here are a couple that I'm currently listen to....

- Murder In Oregon
- Sure, Babe Podcast

Currently Eating

Still eating a Keto friendly diet and I'm very proud of myself.  I've been sticking to it and when I crave a little real carb in my life I don't hesitate but I try to stick to the Low carb keto if possible.

None the less I don't deprive myself of the ocassional indulgence because we only live once my friends.

Currently Shopping

Christmas of course.  Have you started yet?  I have to admit every year I promise I'll start way earlier than November but still waiting for that day to come.  Either way, I'm practically almost finished with Christmas shopping for my family and so that takes the pressure off a little.  I do most of my shopping online and of course bargains and great sales are my best friend's this time of year! Who am I kidding, all year long my friends!
Currently Doing

Doing a lot of Instagram influencer work because I love working with brands I love and that I actually enjoy working with.  Making a little extra money doesn't hurt, it in fact helps me keep up with our expenses and any extras if necessary.  Truly an outlet and a way to help support my family.

I've also been sticking to my work out regimen 6 days a week for the last 3 months.

Currently Thinking

About 2020, of course and what's in store for me and my blog and my instagram but not letting the pressure of keeping up with appearances get to me.

Definitely planning to save more spend less and what our home goals are for the coming year.  Including in expanding my brand which I really hope to do and push myself to do so.  As scary as it may seem or be I'm ready for something new and fun for Charmed Crown & Co.

Currently Planning

Like I mentioned above, planning to creatively challenge myself in 2020.  But for now, to simply enjoy the rest of 2019 with my family and take it all in as we wrap up this year which flew by, didn't it??

What are your plans for December and the new coming year??

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