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So I decided to skip November's Life Currently blog post because in all fairness it was a month of simply being grateful and present for myself and my family.

We did all the wonderful things with friends and family last month and for that I'm so thankful.

With that said, this month is already flying by and I didn't want to not share a few of the things happening lately.

December Life Currently

Currently Watching

I'm still watching the Fall shows whenever I can, especially "A Million Little Things" and "Grey's Anatomy", along with a few others whenever I find the time.  But in all fairness, this season is my favorite time for all the Christmas movies I can find time to watch also.  We love the classics of course but with Hulu Live we're also able to watch some of Lifetime's new Christmas movies.

My husband and I are currently watching The Mandalorian on Disney+ together and it's so good, especially if you're a Star Wars fanatic like us.

Currently Reading

Unfortunately I'm not currently reading anything yet. I'm a little sad about it but also looking forward to having more time to read come January, it's definitely always a new year's goal to read more.  I hope to get a few books I love during the sales this month and stock up on some good books.

Always open to any recommendations ya'll may have?

Currently Listening To
Obsessed with MIA's last album from 2016.  I'm really into her persona and music, always have been but recently found myself listening to her again.  Does that ever happen to you?

I'm also listening to a lot of Christmas music, actually I started listening to it wayyy back in mid-November, if you can believe that.  And I know it's nuts, but it's my second favorite holiday season and there's something so mystical about this time of year.

Currently Eating

Lately I've had a sweet tooth, it always happens this time of year.  I'm all about baked sweets, you name it.... cookies, pies, cakes, ice cream and ohhhhh chocolate.

It's bad.  Except this year I've learned to control my cravings and to eat them in moderation, sometimes even behave myself and save myself if I know that we'll be surrounded by sweets for me to treat myself.

Currently Shopping

Still shopping for a few christmas gifts, but nothing big or that I can't find at Target more than likely. 

Truth is I don't like to rush but sometimes even though I start shopping in October, I like to leave the smaller gifts until closer to Christmas for an excuse to shop in the chaos, it's fun for me and I enjoy all the Christmas things too while I'm at it.

Currently Doing

I'm personally still taking the time to care for me in many ways, especially by eating well and working out 5-6 days a week.  I've learned that it helps keep me balanced and with my anxiety.

With that routine I've been able to manage it and no longer have the anxiety attacks that I used to, the CBD oil I take helps too but I've stopped taking it every day. I've been sticking to my tea's as always and learning to BREATH because it helps calm me down.  If I get any attacks they're definitely not as bad as they used to be, like when they used to wake me up in the middle of the night.

I've also been working on a few things around the house and if you saw my last post, then you know I'm starting a new painting DIY project, which my creative side is in desparate need of.

Currently (still) Thinking

About 2020 and what's to come.

Besides the mindful plans I have for me as an influencer/blogger.  I also have personal goals and family trips we are currently thinking about taking in the coming year.  Travel is one of those things we strive for every year but not always so easy or possible with schedules and limited funds.

But first things first, we all need updated passports.

Currently Planning

Like I mentioned in my previous Life Currently post, planning to creatively challenge myself in 2020.  For now just taking in the rest of 2019 with my family.  My husband will most likely be out of town on New Year's eve, therefore I'm soaking in all the time with them now.

Any 2020 goals you've already got in mind come the new year?

As always thank you guys for stopping by the blog, it always means so much to me when you take the time to visit me here.

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