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So I know its been a hot minute, okay more like almost 2 years since I've updated you guys on the #CCBDollhouse in this post here. That's crazy to me, it honestly doesn't even seem that long ago. I was just as excited then as I am now to still have this dollhouse all to myself.

Back story, I always dreamed of one like this as a little girl and never had one, so I treated myself now as an adult. We're never to old truthfully to keep achieving even the smallest dreams.

Truth is as you've probably noticed on my blog or Instagram that I've been a bit of a busy gal as of lately with other things. Life in general. I always tend to put my family first when it comes to prioritizing. But I told myself that this year I would figure out a way to balance more of both worlds as much as I could. So I truly do hope to post here A LOT more and to chat live with you guys a bit more on Insta stories too.

But for now let me show you the progress I made so far since my last post, on my Melissa & Doug dollhouse makeover.

It's definitely one of those projects I'm taking my time with and don't want to rush for the sake of blogging. It helps keep me distracted when needed.  When I'm working on something I am passionate about it makes all the difference for me, it's hardly work. 

Especially when it's two of my favorite things, painting and decorating.

As you can see and as I talked about previously, I've painted the exterior and interior.  I added a shingled roof.  I bought a few pieces, painted them, painted a few of the furniture pieces that came with the house and added flooring, some bought and some DIY'ed with Popsicle sticks. The flooring in the top floor has yet to be started or decided on.

I've had a vision from the very beginning of creating this dollhouse into a reflection of a Cottage Beach Home.  With a vintage, antique and modern feeling throughout. But of course I'm working with mini decorative touches that I'm both DIY'ing, finding or buying.

So I'm doing my best with what I'm working with.  That includes some of the furniture pieces that came with the Melissa & Doug Dollhouse

The wallpaper in the bath is craft paper found at Michael's in the scrap-booking isle.

The flooring is from Hobby Lobby.

The kitchen currently has furniture pieces found from the Dollartree and Amazon.  

Kitchen sink counter top is an unfinished piece found at Hobby Lobby, painted in Country Chic (chalk) paint, color Sage Advice.

Mini Chalkboard is a find from Michael's dollar bin section and flooring Hobby Lobby. The reason I say currently is because the kitchen table and chairs might actually change eventually, but I painted the chairs in Country Chic Paint, Rustic Charm.

The living room currently has flooring which is actually a drawer liner sticky paper I found that resembles wood grain, but I noticed it's bubbling, so I might have to cut more popsicle sticks to resemble the same flooring as the bedroom.

Faux leather couch is a find on Amazon.

The frame resembling a fireplace, which remains unfinished is just a 6x4 picture frame cut in half. My husband was nice enough to saw it in half for me.

And the cow head above (glued onto the wall) is just a cow door knob with the screw removed.

More to come in this room, plans are to paint the fireplace black or a darker color and add a rug and other accessories.

Upstairs bedroom flooring as mentioned before, covered in wooden Popsicle sticks to resemble wood flooring, currently only sealed in mod podge.  I love the raw color, not sure if I want to paint it just yet.

Furniture piece and TV are both a set I found and purchased on Amazon.

It even comes with a TV remote. It was too cute to pass up.

I'm currently still working on floor plans and placement of furnishings.  Especially in the last upper floor, I'm looking to turn it into a study/library/office type of room.  But ideas are flowing, in the meantime I did add a wallpaper (scrapbook paper) to the walls and a Washington picture found in a magazine. I love it all so far.

Tell me what you think, would love to hear your ideas.

In the meantime, check out some of my other posts below and I hope they inspire your next dollhouse project.

And don't forget to use my discount code CHARMEDCROWN10 for 10% off your next purchase.

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