Why We Bought A New Dining Table

I'm going to start by telling you WHY we purchased our dining table because even though I tried to tell a little part of the tale on Instagram stories yesterday, not all my stories uploaded unfortunately and I lost them.

So, let me start by saying, that all of the events leading up to this table having been purchased was just meant to be. At least that's how I would like to envision it and foresee it because I'm so in love with it and love that it all came together this way.

About two weeks ago we were inside of SAVERS which just so happens to be a Thrift shop just like Goodwill or any other.  We stumbled upon a beautiful dining table with good bones and only $40, truth is we were not looking to get rid of our current table or replace it anytime soon but I truly fell head over heels for that table and at that price I didn't not want to pass it up.

It was the a beautiful shape and color and I wouldn't have changed a thing, maybe. But when I came back to pick it up the following day in my mom's truck, it was already gone.  Apparently the store had already previously sold it to someone a day prior to me having been there, but I guess the SOLD sticker it had, had fallen off.  So when I went to pay for it, they assumed it was still available.  Anyway, I was sad to say the least and they refunded me my $40.

Now, wanna hear another funny story? Well, once I purchased that table at the thrift shop on a whim, I posted our current table on Offer-Up right away and sold it within hours.  So the following day when I was due to pick up my table, ours was getting picked up that same afternoon. So I decided to come clean with the buyers and tell them my disappointing story. 

They understood but insisted that if and when we were ready to get rid of our table they desperately wanted it. Now that I knew someone wanted our table so badly, I couldn't help myself and wonder what if we found another table more suitable for us and our current style.  I of course received Target's furniture sale email and immediately started browsing. When I stumbled upon the beauty we have now.

 I didn't think about it for too long, maybe for a day or so, because truth is this table was exactly what I had been longing for, for the quite some time. It was half the price of the one I originally had seen at World Market, I had a bit of savings plus what we would make from selling our current dining table, it was simply a no brainer.

And so finally here we are.

I told you this series of events in the last couple of weeks was a sure sign.

I ordered this table on a Friday and we received it by Monday.

Our dining/living room area doesn't have the best lighting so I also took these in the evening to give you the gift of the look of this pretty table.

Maybe I'm just overly excited but I had to share the story of what led up to our NEW Threshold Wheaton Farmhouse Trestle Dining Table from Target.


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