A Valentine's Day Charcuterie "Dollar Store Sweets" Board

This Valentine's Day for some reason just feels more special to me and still just as precious as previous years. 

My daughter love's hosting a Galentine's Day brunch party with friends annually and I just so happen to be invited with friends too. Which I always look forward to because there's much love and friendship to celebrate.

She always does such a good job in hosting and hardly needs my help.  But I always like to contribute a little something. So this year I was inspired to create an easy yet tasty and craveable Valentine Charcuterie Sweets Board. Because who doesn't love a Charcuterie board anything these days, let alone sweets.

She's got the baked goodies covered, so we're good on that.

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This Valentine's Day Charcuterie Sweets Board was all put together from candy I was able to snatch up before they all went out of stock at my local Dollar store.

I love that they carry my favorite candy brands and at half the price you'd find them at your local grocery store.  Nothing against retail price but sometimes we all have to cut corners somewhere.  Especially if you're saving our spare change for your sweet heart's Valentine's Day gift.

Putting one of these together is super easy, you just have to buy enough candy to fill up any cheese board, dessert tray or cutting board you may have on hand.

Once you know what you're having to fill, then you'll know what and how much to buy.

These are all of my favorites and it's quite the selection for anyone with a similar taste, even a variety for any preference in general. In any case you can't go wrong with chocolates, conversation hearts and gummy bears!

Here's a list of the candy that I used to fill my board.

Haribo Gummy Bears
Conversation Hearts
Hershey Kisses Pink
Gummy Hearts
Junior Mints Heart Shaped
Pocky Biscuit Sticks Strawberry Cream


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