Doily Pattern DIY Valentine's Day Gift Bags

Today, I'm happy to share this DIY with you all, because whenever I create something from a simple idea and ends up being super easy, it's a must share!

With Valentine's Day only a day away, this is very much doable in less than an hour. So get to your local Dollar store and get the essentials you need to personalize your gifts this day of love for the special ones in your life.

There is a couple of ways to go about creating these gift bags, big or small.

Thanks to Dollartree once again (which is not sponsoring this post by the way, it's my personal opinion and suggestion) both the bags below and Heart shaped doilies were bought there.

I love their craft bags because they're sturdy and you can use them plan or decorate them however you wish.  The smaller ones I love to use as favor bags usually when we host parties.

I decided to pick up these 3 different color heart shaped doilies in various sizes because I could use them for just about anything and they come with so many in one single pack.

I started with the thought of gluing the doilies to the gift bags as is (below) because they look so pretty already, but then I decided to step it up a notch and make these bags a little more eclectic. With a man, a teenage boy and my eldest daughter in the house, I wanted to get a little more hip and creative.  Anything to be a little more of a cool mom.,

So feel free to glue them as it and use these pretty bags for a sweet gift to any friend, relative or loved partner in your life.


You could glue them just a little bit, to keep them in place and paint over the doilies to use the pattern of the doily as the perfect design to give these pretty bags as part of your gift.  You don't need to go out and spend a ton and personally a creative personalized gift from beginning to end are usually the best kind of gifts.

I already had these paints in our craft closet and the foam brushes too.  The pack below is a great purchase from Joann's for only $5.99.

Use a paper place to place your paints.

Use the round brushes and start to dab, dab, dab.

I love the uniqueness of these gift bags, they're different from what your typical Valentine's day bags found at Target, Homegoods or Michael's.

These are the exact cool look I was going for.

I'll share similar sources below if you'd like to buy these for next time. 

And I'd love to hear your thoughts, on how these turned out. What would you do differently or do you like them as is?

What I love about this project is that you can't go wrong, any colors or doilies or patterns would work.

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