My 3 Current Favorite FREE Apps For At-Home Workouts

This is the year of workout apps. Isn't it?  It sure feels that way and if you're like me, looking to streamline their workouts, at-home-workouts are such an easy way to ensure you'll just do it. No excuses of having to drive anywhere or if you're tight on time.

You can stream and watch these app workout videos anywhere, anytime, and for many of the workouts, you don’t need a single piece of equipment. Plus, most apps are far less expensive than memberships, classes and personal trainers. The ones I'm about to share with you are FREE, and they're just as affective as any you'd pay for.

Here are my current favorite three workout apps:

PopSugar Fitness | YouTube 

Anna is the host for health and fitness for FitSugar TV and at Popsugar Fitness on Youtube. Her app has workouts as short as 15 minutes and workouts as long as full body for 45 minutes. They challenge from beginner workouts to high intensity and has a variety of expert trainers to inspire you in each workout video.

Love Sweat Fitness | YouTube & Blog

Katie from Love Sweat Fitness is quite the inspiration. She's a certified trainer and I found her through PopSugar Fitness actually but is also featured in the FitOn App. And I realized that she had her own story of transformation to tell through her journey of health and fitness. Visit her blog to learn more and definitely find some inspiration for your next workout sash!

FitOn | App

Turns out, you don’t need a Peleton to get in a great workout. This app includes boot camp, yoga, strength and more and it’s all really, really good. For free you'll already getting a lot of inspiration and motivation. But you can definitely upgrade to get more out of this app. I personally love that they have a variety of workouts that fit your progress. Plus features to motivate you, reminders, and tracking of your progress as well.

Which workout apps or channels on YouTube are you currently liking?

For me working out at home just works. I love that the moment I get home, I get right to my workout for the day so I can continue with my day soon after without having to leave my house. 

When these workouts do in fact require some equipment, I have weights, bands and mats around to use. I recommend you invest into these items if you plan to start At-Home-Workouts. They come in very handy.

I've really enjoyed and have gotten into a daily routine of working out 5 days out of the week and around the same times. Unless I have work or an event interefere I'll somehow make it work into my schedule otherwise I do recommend sticking to the same times on the daily.

Let me know if you have any recommendations of your own, would love to hear them.


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