20 Random Acts of Kindness | February Month of Love

Not sure if you knew this but today, February 17th just so happens to be National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

With February being the month of love it only seemed appropriate to give you all some ideas to finish off the week with even more heartfelt love with some simple Random Acts of Kindness.

To be honest, every day is a great way to practice these random acts of kindness. I for one, admit that I can get caught up in my own agenda and sometimes I'm not even out and about enough to spread enough kindness but I do remember to do so when I can.

Spreading kindness in our home is really also more of a priority for me considering we can also get caught up with our daily routines.

  1. Share your beautiful smile with your loved ones often.
  2. Help bring in the groceries without being asked.
  3. Take the time to listen, it makes all the difference after a long day.
  4. Help with chores you don't normally do.
  5. Pay for a strangers coffee.
  6. Put out a neighbor's trash for them.
  7. Send anonymous flowers just because.
  8. Take a friend to the movies.
  9. Double the tip for your food delivery.
  10. Surprise a teacher with a sweet gesture or thank you card.
  11. Bring cookies to the bus stop for the neighborhood kids.
  12. Bring in a dessert to share at the your workplace or your doctors office.
  13. Leave a nice card, gift or snack for your mail carrier.
  14. Leave a container of change next to a vending machine.
  15. Bring a basket of fruit, granola bars and muffins to your local fire station.
  16. Tip someone who doesn’t usually get a tip, such as your grocery store bagger.
  17. Treat the school secretaries or office staff to lunch or a fresh batch of cookies!
  18. Write inspirational quotes on sticky notes and post them around your community.
  19. Compliment strangers it's easy, free and sure to cause smiling faces!
  20. Donate warm blankets to a dog shelter.

Spend a little time planning ahead this month and you’ll reap the rewards. Your gesture doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive — as long as it comes from the heart. 

And most importantly, don't forget to be kind to yourself!

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