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In case you didn't know already, March is National Puppy Month.  And you know we're dog lovers around here!

Among all the questions you have about rescuing, or event buying a dog, what kind of dog is best suited to your lifestyle is the single-most-important question you should be thinking about. 

We can’t always have what we want, even when we can do so.
You may want a large dog and you can afford it or accomodate in your living space. You might live in a small house and it could make life uncomfortable for him or her or you both. You might also want a cute small dog, but a certain breed may shed a lot and they don’t remain very cute without proper maintenance and care. 

Your circumstances matter a lot when choosing a dog. You have to choose a dog that is best suited to your type of lifestyle. All dogs are social, but some dogs are more adaptable to a solitary lifestyle which is good if you live alone and work full-time. But there are so many different lifestyles and dog breeds, so which type of dog is the best match for you?


Out in the country

There are three top breeds that are suited to the countryside lifestyle. The border collie, labrador, and the German shepherd. If you live way out in a rural area, you will be surrounded by thick grassy fields, hills, streams, rough footpaths and plenty of stones and rocks. Essentially, you will be among rugged terrain, so you need a dog that is able to bear the brunt of mother nature’s challenges. And yet, you might not have a large house and assuming you live in a cottage, these types of breeds could be too big. These are some of the dogs that would fit different rural lifestyles.

The classic lab: If you live an active lifestyle and you love to walk through the countryside and you have a normal-sized home, you should look into getting yourself a lab. The only question is, English Lab vs American Lab? The English lab has shorter legs, a thicker coat, shorter neck, and thicker tail and is generally used for retrieving. It's a breed that loves the water, can handle the British cold, wet weather and is more muscular in order to run through dense fields and tall grass. The American lab, however, is leaner, has longer legs, a thinner tail, and a thinner coat. It's more suited to agile activities such as hunting in the forest. Both dogs love to run but the American lab is more suitable for endurance. 

The black and white: The border collie is an amazing dog for someone who has a normal-sized home but also, for those with a little less room. The border collie is very flexible and although it's classed as a large dog, it's not as heavy as the lab. Thus, it's able to adapt to a smaller living environment. The flip side is, it needs to be active. Border collies love to run; like really love it. Thus, you need to make sure you have an active lifestyle whereby you’re taking your dog for walks at least twice or maybe even three times a day. 

A friendly family dog

Labs are great for families and are often remarked as the best dog for families. They’re gentle and obedient which makes them great for keeping around small children. However, the classic British bulldog is also a top choice. They may be short and dense, but they are very strong. They also have a characteristic protective quality, making them excellent dogs to introduce to small children and infants. They don’t shed a lot but you have to maintain their health in unique ways. You must wipe between the folds of their skin as sweat and bacteria can build up in areas that you normally can’t see. If you want a more active dog which has all of these same qualities, try the olde British bulldog. This is the original bulldog which was thought to have been bred out of existence. However, this breed is making a big comeback, because it has all the qualities of the modern British bulldog, yet it's a much more athletic dog and doesn’t have the same health concerns.

The single life

What if you work full-time and you still want a dog to come home to? You’re not in an uncommon position but you are in a unique conundrum. Part of having a dog is being a responsible owner, realizing that a dog is not a plaything and has feelings too. If you keep it locked away in your house for many hours on end, your little pooch will become overwhelmed with anxiety and start to act erratically. When a dog is nervous or scared, it may begin to bark non-stop and whimper. This will alert and annoy neighbors so you have to be wary of the type of breed you choose for your single lifestyle. 

Studio living: Not all medium-sized dogs are suited to the apartment lifestyle. They might be very energetic and thus, they find the need to run around the house if they haven’t been for a walk. This can lead to them bumping into things and hurting themselves. It's better to stick with a small breed like the chihuahua. It's small, doesn’t shed a lot and they are extremely content in small apartments; because to them, it's not small at all. These pocket-sized dogs do need to be taken for a walk, so when you get home from work this is the first thing you should do. They don’t eat much and they are very laid back.

Apartment living: If you want a small dog for your apartment, go with the Boston terrier. A very confident breed, with lots of personalities, yet they’re only about twice the size of a chihuahua. They don’t shed a lot, are very playful and are flexible when it comes to walks and exercise.

Getting a dog that suits your lifestyle is the most important decision you can make for both yourself and the dog you choose. Don’t go with only your hearts calling, go with your head as the health and well being of your pooch depends on it. It's a lifetime decision. A lot of folks may see it as a trial but it's not, it's a commitment you're making for the life of the dog that you do actually choose to bring home with you.

Best of luck when it comes to choosing your furry partner, they all deserve the best friend they always long for and a loving and comfortable place to call home.

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