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I know it's practically April and even though I've been home, of course this post is already passed due. I could have sworn today was Monday, I'm losing track of my days because of this quarantine.

Just like most of you, we've been home. March was supposed to be a fun filled, full of good things kind of month but instead turned very differently as you all know. We still threw a little bit of fun in it but not what we had originally planned. None the less we're happy and blessed to be healthy and home with our people.

With that said, a few things were very different yet the same, and lots of reading and show binging has been had.  We've hardly ventured out unless it's to get the necessities like groceries and toiletries, and of course the occasional must have coffee run for sanity purposes. We go out for jogs, bike rides and the dogs walks too, but we've been keeping our distance, super careful and home 90% of the time.

Life Currently

Currently Watching

Gosh, what haven't we been watching.  I'm trying to stay away from the binge watching by keeping myself busy with other things, there's lots I am finally able to catch up on now that I'm working from home but there are still a few favorites we've been keeping up with.

The hubs and I are still watching Homeland, we started earlier in March and are taking our time enjoying it. There are a ton of favorites I've recently watched on Netflix, both movies and series that are a must watch. I'll be sharing it on my Instagram stories and saving it to my highlights if you'd like to have a look.

Currently Reading
Little Fires Everywhere this month, which I happen to finish in less than three weeks because I knew the series was starting on Hulu in March as well. Which I have yet to watch, I'm hoping to start later this week.  This book also happens to be our book of the month for our book club. I know I was supposed to give you all an update on how that's going but because of life and this COVID-19 it's sorta put a damper on a few things, but I'll get to it soon enough. Fingers crossed.

Currently Listening To

Unfortunately because I haven't been in the office and busy reading my book, I haven't put my energy into listening to any podcasts lately.  But I do miss them, and hope to do so later this month.  I'll also attempt to share a few of my favorites in a blog post soon.

Currently Eating

I've been better and going back to my Keto eating habits but letting go of sweets has been a bit challenging.  So this month of April, I'm disciplining myself just a little bit more and pushing to stay away from sweets when possible. I've been balancing well, so I'm not disappointed because I haven't set myself back, if anything it's pushed me to work harder on my daily workouts.

Although I do have some delicious recipes coming to Charmed Crown & Co. very soon. 

Currently Shopping

Since store shopping is out of the question, I've been doing a lot of online 'window' shopping lately.  Adding things to my cart but not purchasing anything yet.  We're trying to save as much as we can if things happen to get worst and one of us loses our job. Of course we're blessed to still be able to work both from home and my husband still having a job to go to, but things are scary none the less.

I did buy more chalk paint from my favorite Country Chic Paint though, and I even used my own discount code CHARMEDCROWN10 because I can. Just a couple of sample paints to try on a fun easy Easter project I'll be sharing here as well.

Currently Doing

Besides working from home, I've been organizing, Spring cleaning, getting rid of things we haven't used in years, cleaning out our garage for a gym set-up, framing pictures finally, printing phone pictures, gardening, reading, spending time with the family and of course working out.

Oh yea, and blogging of course. Now is the time to do the things we normally don't have the time or make the time to get done. I'm really appreciating and not taking this time for granted because though it doesn't seem like it, it is only temporary.

Currently Thinking

What am I not thinking about. My mind has been non stop lately with so many ideas and blog posts I want to write and share.  So I can't wait to get them all sorted and out there for you guys.

Currently Planning

We had so much planned for April and May that I'm so bummed it's all been cancelled or postponed.  It has been quite the whirlwind and we were really looking forward to a camping trip and a Mother's Day trip to Las Vegas. I'm not sure how things will be by then but hoping this virus can get put to rest before then, either way, we're not making many plans until further notice.

Plans right now are on a day to day basis. How about you guys, any future plans you had to postpone or cancel also?


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