Sun Safety Is Not A Joke!

With Spring and Summer on the horizon, one of the most important things that you need to think about when you are booking a vacation is the safety of your skin and your eyes. You want to make sure that you are doing everything that you can day to day to lower your risk of cancer caused by the sun, but what are you doing to ensure that your eyes are healthy, too?

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers that are diagnosed in the U.S and not a lot of people are aware of that. The only way to prevent that diagnosis from being a reality for you? Get serious about it! Get serious about the time you spend in the sun without protection, and if you are in the sun without it right now, get to some shade. You need to be vigilant about how much you are in the sunshine, and here is how you can make sure that you are as covered as possible.

Cover Up. You may love a tan, as I do, but we need to think smartly. Tan in a bottle is far better than the tan from the sun. 

Think about it: when you put your bacon in the oven, it cooks. Eat bacon, don't be bacon. You want a good hat for your head, a long-sleeved light floaty shirt to keep you cool and long dresses!

Sunglasses, Please. Right now, you’re rocking your Oakley glasses and doing very well at looking like a stunner. However, you need to have some better protection. Go back to your eye doctor and get some prescription sunglasses sorted out. You need to make sure that your eyes are as protected from UVB and UVA as possible. Your sunglasses will be your new favorite thing!

Throwing Shade. The sun is strongest between 11-3, so where possible, arrange your activities around the hottest parts of the day, find shade in those times. Picnic under a tree, bring an umbrella to the beach, and plan to be indoors when the sun is strongest.

Slather Sunscreen. UV rays are exceptionally damaging to your skin and can have a negative effect in just 15 minutes. You need to protect your skin, so put it on before you go out and then reapply every 90 minutes.

No Excuses. If you are a lover of tanning, at least be honest that you want to cook. Don't use Vitamin D as an excuse to get into the sunshine. Tanning is not a safe way to do this, so check your diet for better Vitamin D instead of laying in the rays of the sun.

Love The Skin You’re In. You know your skin better than anyone else, and that means knowing every freckle and mole that you need to watch. If there are any changes or skin patches that you don't recognize, then it is time to head to the doctor.

The sun is not a joke; it’s a big, round, bright ball of fire that hopes to cook you. Don't succumb; enjoy the sun safely - and buy ice cream!


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