Are You Compatible with Your Partner? | How To Determine If You Are


The first few dates with a new partner might have ignited sparks and passion. But this might begin to wane once reality sets in. You probably realize you have different life goals, your core beliefs clash, you only tolerate each other, and you now find once endearing traits annoying.

So how do you know if you are compatible with your current partner? 

Many matchmaking professionals cite the following ways to determine compatibility:

Similarity isn't always important

Some look for long-term partners who are exactly like them -t his is often the safe choice because of familiarity. This may work for a while, but you put yourself at risk of boredom. Some can work through the tides of the boring days, but for some, it just isn't enough. Some experts mention that compatibility isn't only about sharing similarities but also about complementing each other. If you want to have a deep connection with someone, some of the fundamentals that can help build this is respect, communication, and empathy.

Conscientious and nice

Passion is part of a long-term relationship, but some overlook character traits such as niceness and conscientiousness. These two are essential to the health and longevity of relationships. These qualities show that your partner is willing to compromise and stay level-headed regardless of the situation. A relationship will go through hot and cold phases. A partner needs to learn how to navigate these phases if they are willing to spend the rest of their life with you. A nice and conscientious person doesn't only show their good side to you but does the same for others, as well.

Shared values and goals

Long-term relationships aren't merely built on feelings. If you want to have a relationship that lasts, you need to discuss your core beliefs and life goals with your partner. Some drift apart because they are constantly arguing about values they have that are different from each other. This can start and re-start fights that may have no end. Differences in beliefs and values can be about politics, religion, culture, or any other thing. You might want to get married and have children, while your partner wants to pursue a career. This is a discussion you need to have when things get serious.

You don't see a future together

If you have difficulties in envisioning a future together, then you might be incompatible with each other. The start of your relationship might be passionate and last for several months, but once the fire turns into embers, it might just be the end already. A serious relationship requires planning for the future. So if you don't see the person you're dating as a part of it, maybe it's time to move on.

Sense of humor

Humor is a must in any relationship; it diffuses tension in troublesome times. It helps that you and your partner are on the same wavelength when it comes to humor and cynicism. You can create a healthy and long-lasting relationship by learning to laugh with and at each other.

These are some of the ways to determine if you are compatible with your partner. Make sure to look out for these similarities or compatibles to know if someone you're dating today could be your lifetime partner.

Personally when you know you know but it doesn't hurt to inform and remind ourselves or our worthy standards when it comes to relationships.  Especially with many who are just getting started.

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