DIY Easter Pastel Eggs

I love to paint, I'm sure you've heard me say it before.  But when I get to paint with my favorite paint, it's even more fun. Especially when it comes to DIY's.

Knowing that we were going to be staying home this Easter, I wanted to give our dining table a little bit of an Easter feel with these pastel eggs. When I came up with the idea I thought of just going neutral with some of the colors I already had on hand, but Country Chic Paint has such a variety of pretty colors every season that I couldn't help myself but purchase a couple of samples for this particular project.

I've worked with the blue color, Happy Hour before and it's probably one of my favorite colors that they carry.  The newest color to Country Chic Paint is Bee's Knees and this pretty pastel yellow is everything.  I almost want to buy a furniture piece just so that I can use this color on a bigger scale.

I might even have to use it in my CCB Dollhouse project.

Besides the paint, I pretty much already had everything on hand.  I had bought the faux eggs from Dollartree in the very beginning of March before quarantine went full affect and I used old make up brushes to paint the eggs.  Of course, you can definitely use this paint on real hard boiled eggs as well, just make sure they're not cracked when painting. Country Chic Paint products are environmentally-conscious and very easy to work with, there's little to no prep work, and they are fabulous for creating just about anything. Chalk Style All-in-One Paint is the only certified VOC-free furniture paint! Their eco-friendly paint is also tested according to the highest European standards when it comes to toy safety, so it is even safe to be used on children’s furniture. 

 The cool thing about these eggs, is they already came in their own small carton so I didn't have to do much to make these babies look so much prettier on our table.

I had a ton of fun making these eggs look as pretty as they do with these two CCP colors and in case you're wondering about the peachy colored eggs, I had an acrylic paint on hand in that color that I used. CCP had very similar colors you can browse here.

I purchased the sample sizes for this project, in case you're wondering and you can find out more about their paint and sizes here.
I hope this inspires your next DIY project and remember even the simplest DIY can be the biggest reward in times like this.  I know this Easter may feel and seem different to so many including us just slightly but there is a bigger meaning to Easter and let's not forget that as we celebrate even in the smallest ways with our families this weekend.

To shop for Country Chic Paint's click here and don't forget to use my discount code CHARMEDCROWN10 for 10% off your next purchase and any purchases thereafter.

Happy DIY'ing and Happy Easter my friends!

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