Dollar Store 'Easter Candy' Charcuterie Board

This is quickly becoming a new favorite ritual.  I have fallen in love with creating sweet charcuterie boards. Did you happen to see the one I created for Valentine's day? You can find it here. But the best part is that I've been able to create these on a sweet budget! I've bought almost everything at my local Dollartree store.

I don't go overboard because I like to not only keep these affordable for anyone to be able to recreate if on a budget, but though we love having sweets around here we also don't like to overdo it.

This is the perfect size for our family of four.  Especially right now that we're not able to really host any gatherings for this sweet and special holiday.

It's always so much fun putting together some of our favorite candies and snacks or cookies onto a board for us to enjoy. Plus aren't they pretty?  There's something about a charcuterie board that just wheels you in.  Again you don't have to add too much and it always depends on the size of the board that you want to fill.

I'll link all of the candies below for you but here's a list of the candies and cookies and snacks that I included.

I love that you can find all or most of your favorites at your local dollar store or .99 store.

We're looking forward to celebrating Easter this year with our little family and having all the things we would on any Easter Sunday. We're starting with a light breakfast and a fulfilling brunch.  I definitely won't be counting my calories this weekend.

How are you and your families planning to enjoy a quiet, or full of fun Easter weekend?

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