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It's passed Mid-April and we're still standing and we're beyond thankful for that. Considering everything that's still going on around the world, I'm more than okay with staying home. At the end of the day when everything is said and done this is my sanctuary.

That being said, with still working remotely for my day job, keeping busy with daily tasks, and projects that I spontaneously get into, it's no surprise, that I'm still just as busy as before. Crazy, I know. But I'm more than okay with that because it beats being bored. 

April has been a little better than March only because I think we're all pretty adjusted to having to stay home. Easter was a bit different for most including us but we definitely made the best of it and bringing all the goodness of Spring indoors has been refreshing to say the least.

So how bout a look into what life is like for us currently.

Currently Watching
So I just finished watching 'Succession' on Hulu and let me tell you it was definitely a great two seasons and cannot wait till the new one.

Other than that my husband and I have been watching 'The Last Kingdom' over again, because not only have I not see passed season 1 but we both haven't watched through season 3 and season 4 will soon be premiering on Netflix very soon. Who else is a fan???

Currently Reading
I recently finished reading 'Little Fires Everywhere' and let me tell you, the book is way better than the series on Hulu. I'm not sure I like Kerry Washington playing the role of Mia but I won't say too much in case you have yet to read the book or watch the series. Either way you be your own judge, that's just my opinion :)

I'm looking forward to starting a new book on my own, I have plenty to choose from here and I will be Zooming with our book club if we'll be starting a new book soon but I'll keep you posted.

Currently Eating
We've been eating clean around here a lot but we've also been baking a lot.  My daughter especially. She recently started an Instagram separate from her own @_fayeskitchen to be able to share all of her favorite recipes. I have to admit she's quite talented and has learned a lot from her mom ;)

Myself, I'm still controlling my cravings as much as possible considering being home 24/7. I love a sweet snack so that is my biggest weakness if nothing else, I've come up with ways to curve my cravings and snack on healthier option when possible. I'm doing my best to share as much of what I eat over on my Instagram stories as well.

Currently Shopping
I've been currently browsing new lamps for our living room, and sconces for the fireplace possibly. Not ready to purchase anything yet because I'm trying to find other affordable ways or work with what I have.  But I'm also hoping to come across a deal eventually too.

I'm also very excited to be shopping for cute dresses and new sandals for the Summer, though the time spent in the warm weather might be limited, I'm looking forward to wearing all the cute clothes around the house too. Abercrombie always has the best sales, I'll be doing a round-up of my favorites soon!

Currently Doing
We've been working on simple house projects lately, and I'll be showing some of the more interesting ones on my IG stories when I can or if I don't forget.

But we have been focusing on enjoying the process of being home and what this time is allowing us to do. For me it's actually dedicate more time to doing what I love which is sharing with you guys and working on simple recipes or DIY's.

Currently Thinking
Lately I've been trying not to think too much about our current events. Trying to shift my focus towards positivity. Mentally it's better for us and less stressful in the time being. 

I've been thinking of ways to being more organized and simplifying our lives a little more, because less is more.

Currently Planning
Besides planning content for my blog and Instagram, and planning on ways to beautifying our outdoor spaces, not much more planning than that can be done.

I'd love to be planning for all the things coming up but so far all of our planned travel plans have been put on hold as we all know. Even planning for Summer travel seems a bit premature right now.

So tell me, how are you holding up?  How has this month been for you?

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