My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies With Walnuts

You might have already seen my Instagram post, but I shared how beneficial it is to adding walnuts to your daily diet. Personally I've always been a walnut lover since I was a little girl.  It's one of my favorite snacks.  I love adding them to salads, recipes of every kind and now I've added them to my favorite sweet snack.  It's nothing new to most to adding walnuts to cookie recipes, but I think sometimes a nice little reminder of how delicious walnuts make a recipe or any food is necessary.

Below I'm sharing these cookies and the recipe which is also linked in my Instagram highlights for an easy screen shot if necessary.

Recipe is linked here.

I used chunky dark chocolate for these cookies and walnuts instead of your normal chocolate chips.

I'm always looking for ways to make sweets every sweeter and delicious.

Creativity is an addiction what can I say.

I've linked below some of the items used for this recipe.

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