Dollar Store "Spring & Summer" Sun Hat Door Wreath

This could be a project you can create for fun to spruce up your front door, backyard gate or even as a last minute gift for Mom being that we're still in May and just in time for Mother's Day weekend!

You can literally create this DIY within an hour, minus the half hour it might take you to go out and get what you need or find the items within your household.

I was lucky enough to have had ALL of these items on hand, because I love shopping at my local Dollartree. I had bough the sun hat a couple of years ago to use while gardening outdoors and soon realized I don't use it often enough.

These are the items you'll need.

  1. Gardening Sun Hat
  2. Faux Flowers
  3. Decorative Ribbon
  4. Sharpie
  5. Hot Glue Gun

Just add an piece of tied string at the top of the hat to be able to hang from anywhere you'd like.

Literally takes less than hour if not minutes to put together and you're able to make it your very own or to the person's you're creating it for. I had so much fun creating this DIY and again something inspired by one of my favorite stores because I love creating beautiful DIY's on a budget or little to no money spent as any DIY should be!

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