Five Steps for Getting That Glass Skin & What The Rave Is All About

What's the deal with Koreans and their perfectly luminous, pore-less, and translucent skin that looks like glass? If you've ever caught one of those romantic Korean dramas that are all over Asia (and really, the world), you'll notice how even the bad ass antagonist has crystal-clear complexion. How can that happen? How can one whole citizenry have pore-less skin that looks better than all of Hollywood combined?

Thanks to the likes of COSRX Korean skincare products, Koreans are now known for their glass skin. So much so actually that there's now a glass skin trend in the beauty industry. Even some facial treatments have been named after the glass skin trend. In the Philippines, a leading dermatologist started a glass skin facial treatment to achieve that level of skin luminosity.

Have you heard about the 10-step Korean skincare routine? Now, that's too much work, right? If you can, experiment with a routine that works for you as long as it contains these essential steps: 

Double, Triple Cleanse 

Basically, there are two steps to cleansing and preparing your face for daytime or nighttime routine. But if you have to put makeup on during the day, step zero would be removing your makeup with an oil-based remover. Then, you need to wash your skin with a mild cleanser before exfoliating it with a face scrub that's formulated for your specific skin type and issues. The last one is an essential step because exfoliating removes the dead skin cells. 


At least once every week, use a face mask or face pack to free your face of blemishes. This is an important step to achieve that dewy and fresh-looking skin. You can pick up Korean face masks from your favorite drugstores and beauty shops. Some are formulated with aloe-vera, rose hip oil, and other trendy beauty ingredients. Choose a gentle formula that will avoid drying and irritation. 


No, toners don't dry out your skin. At least, that's what the Korean glass skin routine believes. Toner closes your pores and restores your skin's pH balance. Choose a toner that's formulated with pro-vitamin B-5 because it protects against the loss of moisture and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. 


Glass skin is all about hydration. That's why you need a hydrating serum to be applied to your damp skin. Look for a serum with hyaluronic acid. This is the main ingredient of most Korean skincare serums. It has intensely hydrating benefits that will give your skin that plump and youthful glow. 


The focus of all skincare routine is to moisturize. Put moisturizer after the serum to lock in the hydration. Put moisturizer a lot, both on your face and neck. Make sure to use a moisturizer that's formulated for your skin type and issues. Using the wrong one can cause breakouts. 

The core of Korean glass skincare regime is hydration. The trend basically believes that if your skin is well-hydrated, it is easy to achieve that almost-translucent skin that Koreans are known and admired for. Now that you have the basics down pat, it's only a matter of time before you discover a routine that works for you.

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