5 Fun & Easy Ways To Relieve Stress

Even for me as a wellness advocate I tend to stress just as much as anyone but what I've learned throughout the years is that there are so many easy ways to relieve stress that doesn't involve only supplements or exercise.  

We can easily relieve a lot of stress with fun and simple ways in daily activities that we may not even realize we're already doing.

It may be even harder to imagine that we're capable of these steps because of how times are currently so unpredictable but I promise you none of these 5 easy yet fun ways of relieving stress will put you at risk of anything.  Remember always play it safe anyway.

So here are the five fun ways to relieve stress.

Giving Back
By simply paying it forward or helping others lowers stress and promotes feelings of well-being.

Have A Good Laugh
Lower stress instantly by laughing with a friend or your spouse by simply enjoying something fun like game night!

Getting Outside
Connect with nature to sooth your soul and help alleviate stress. Even by just going for a walk or simply sitting on your patio or porch can feel so good.

Move Your Body
Easier said than done because the lack of motivation is strong these days but by moving your body, you feel great instantly and naturally unwind.  A simple walk around the block is a world of difference.

Crazy, I think not, it's hard to imagine not being connected to the latest but by simply putting your phone aside for an hour is a nice break on the mind. No phone, no screens, no stress!

Take a nice break and enjoy it to the fullest.

Hope this blog post finds you well, gives you a little boost and that you find it helpful in more ways than one.

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