5 Tips for Living Your Best Possible Life

Life can be an amazing adventure, and if you approach it with the right mindset there are so many positive and uplifting things you could choose to do with your time that it can be difficult to even know where to start.

Of course, in order to live the life of your dreams, and to get the most you can out of every single day, it’s important to look at things through the right lens, and to have some basic habits and outlooks in place that enable you to thrive in the moment to the best of your ability.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t last forever and we all have to deal with tragedy from time to time – which is why services like bronze grave markers for cemeteries at great prices from Memorials.com exist, after all.

All the same, it certainly doesn’t help to sit around dwelling on whatever could hypothetically go wrong in your life, or to get yourself caught up in a morose and negative perspective on everything.

Here are a few effective tips for living your best possible life – as advised by many enthusiastic thinkers and doers throughout history.

Do something each day that you find “meaningful” on a higher level

In life, it’s always quite easy to get caught up in the immediate practical concerns of the here and now. We all have certain chores that need to be dealt with, and a variety of everyday obligations that won’t necessarily always feel deeply “meaningful” in and of themselves.

While it’s definitely possible to enjoy those everyday duties and to find fulfillment in them, one of the keys to living a great and fulfilled life is to find opportunities every day to do something that you find “meaningful” on a higher level.

It’s useful to consult your underlying passions, inspiration, and motivations here – and to get in touch with your dreams, too.

What would you like to do or be if you could have your way, and if there were no obstacles standing before you? Would you like to be an author? Or a painter? Or an athlete?

Whatever it is you find genuinely meaningful and uplifting, make time to indulge in this pursuit on a regular basis. That might mean spending an hour a day working on a novel, or attending class, or any number of other things.

Just do things, when you can, that have a deeper impact than the everyday chores.

Take stress-busting seriously – an overactive stress response can make even great moments feel miserable

There’s a lot of evidence that depression and anxiety are often rooted in an overactive stress response – when the body is flooded with excessive amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, for prolonged periods of time, among other things.

Stress is endemic these days; just about everyone feels overworked, overwhelmed, and highly strung, at least for significant portions of their time.

There are many serious problems with being overly stressed, but one of the most devastating effects of being in a perpetually highly strung state is that stress can make even great moments in your life – or moments that should have been great – feel miserable, simply as a result of how your own internal psychology is affected.

The key, then, is to take stress-busting seriously. Eat a diet rich in whole foods, vegetables, and fruits. Be aware of the stressful effect of things like low-carb diets, and excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption. Get enough sleep – because a heightened stress response is one of the major consequences of being sleep deprived. And work on identifying daily habits and rituals that help to make you feel a bit more relaxed, “in the moment”, and at ease.

Generally speaking, you will be in a much better position to live a rich and fulfilling life if you are able to approach it from a position of calm, rather than from a position of chronic stress.

Look for positive role models for particular traits you want to develop

It’s not always easy to know which direction you should turn in at any given moment, or how you should set about pursuing a particular dream or goal of yours.

A great exercise here can be to look for positive role models for particular traits that you want to develop, and to pay attention to some of the approaches, techniques, and mindset elements that have played a role in the journeys of other people.

Of course, it’s important to remember that no one is perfect, and that you’re almost certainly never going to find anyone who is a perfect role model or exemplar in every possible domain. So don’t look for a flawless hero to emulate in all things – just look for the useful lessons that apply to specific goals and pathways, and then do your best to adapt them to your own life.

As the saying goes, “success leaves clues.”

Focus on doing the right things here and now, rather than being too caught up in your long-term concerns

Of course, it’s good to be able to plan long term, and to not be overly compulsive, or focused on instant gratification.

All the same, if you are constantly projecting your thoughts and emotional energy into your goals for the future, you could very easily miss out on a lot of the fulfillment and satisfaction to be found right here and right now. What’s more, you might also fail to act in the right way, in the moment.

Focus on doing the right things here and now, instead of being too distracted. Pay attention to the right habits you want to nurture and maintain on a daily basis. And, be sure to stop and smell the flowers and appreciate the small blessings that present themselves.

Minimize unhealthy distractions, information torrents, and rage fuel

A huge amount of emotional energy these days tends to get invested in things like Internet-based disagreements and discussions, frustration at the news and politics, and assorted forms of what could be termed either “unhealthy distractions” or “rage fuel.”

At some point, though, it’s a really good idea to go on a bit of an “information diet,” and to reduce the constant chatter that all too often just ends up putting you in a bad mood and absorbing your time and energy.

Turn off the TV, get off the Internet, and go read a good novel or take a stroll outside.

Hope these tips help you in some way or another to live your best life.

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