Making Your Features Pop When Putting On Makeup

Makeup is there to be used as a tool, and for many people, that means using products to make your own, natural facial features stand out where you want them to! Whether you want to look your best for a big party you’re headed off to, or it’s just another summer day and you want to feel light and bright, there’s a makeup routine out there for you.

And thankfully, even for a beginner to the makeup world, with no clue about makeup, there’s a lot you can do to ensure your features are ‘popping’ as much as you want them to.  Let’s examine a few of the best ways below.

Learn How to Highlight Properly

Highlighting is something we can do well or we can do poorly, and there’s seemingly no in between! However, highlighting is something we can easily learn, so even if you doubt your current ability to make your cheekbones pop, you can improve. 

You’re going to need to work with the right blush first of all; you need to know if cream blushes are best, or if powder blushes blend a lot better onto your skin. Then, it’s time to be gentle with your bronze - work out what tone is best for your skin, and then apply it carefully and in thin layers, and keep on blending until it’s right

Find the Right Colors for You

Your skin is going to work with some colors better than others, and working out what colors are best for your skin tone and shade might take a bit of time. Work out your skin undertone first, and then go from there. 

But in playing around with different colors, you’re going to have some fun, and discover just how good you can look when your cheek bones shine like the sun and your eyelids glitter! And if you’re wondering where to buy such glittery colors that can’t help but draw the eye, look no further. 

There’s a Lot You Can Do with Lips

And then we come to your lips - a big part of your face, and a huge focal point if you want them to be. Draw people with bold or dark shades, or go for a more natural, earthy look with pale and/or skin colored lipsticks. Either way, there’s a lot you can put on top to make them appear more matte or more glossy, depending on how you like it. 

If you’re someone who likes the look of lip fillers, it’s time to learn how to use lip pencils and natural enlarging methods - injections are expensive, and who knows if you’re ready for them! You can even contour your lips to make them stand out in the right places. 

While you’re considering fillers, you might find yourself noticing your fine lines that are spoiling the effect of your carefully applied make-up. Fillers and botox can be an easy way to disguise these lines. When with done with a light touch, injections can have a subtle effect, so you’ll look fantastic without looking like you’ve been ‘done’. If you’re pressed for time, you can even have botox done in your own home now, through a mobile botox service.

Making your features pop with makeup takes a bit of learning, but when you master a method or two, you’ll be extremely happy with the way your makeup looks in the mirror. And don’t forget to get creative with your methods either! 

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