Senior Year Pictures | 2020-2021

This school year has officially arrived. With registration on Monday, it's official and our son's Senior year is here.

Honestly I've been dreading this school year for the longest time and I've been mentally preparing for it. Okay maybe I'm being a little dramatic, and I should be saying these words towards the end of the school year but I can't help but already have all these feelings of proudness and sadness all at the same time.

None the less, I'm excited for our son and for him to already be kicking off his Senior school year in somewhat or some kind of normalcy. Regardless of what's happening in our world right now, I'm doing my best to make sure he enjoys this school year as much as possible.

With so much chaos in the world I almost, almost forgot about Senior Pictures. Honestly, keeping track of days these unpractical days is hard. But thanks to my daughter's sweet friend Klaui whom you can find here and who's kick-starting her Photography business and after having seen her beautiful profile on Instagram, I jumped at the opportunity of having her take our son's pictures. She's also showcased photos of my daughter on her profile, check her out and give her some extra love and follow. I love supporting all aspects of small businesses and young entrepreneurs at best.

Back in the day from when I was a senior in school, senior pictures were always taken before the school year kicked off. How bout you? Well we did just that and just in time to kick off the 2020-21 school year.

There's so many pictures, I honestly couldn't choose, but I had to narrow it down to a few of my faves. I wish I could share all of them but there was a ton and I have to save a few for future use and as a surprise for the end of year to share with family and friends.

We definitely kept them simple, no props needed, this kid (or young man) is pretty photogenic and doesn't like a lot of fuss.

He has quite the smirk I must say, though. Ask my son to smile, and that's what you'll get, a smirk.

We're hopeful that this year will in fact be memorable and filled with tons of somewhat normal fun. This last picture sums up my son and how he's always playing with his finger boards

Below I've linked a few sources for you guys on my son's attire and link to the photographer.

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