6 Easy Ways to Save Water & Be More Water-Conscious

 Water is something that we take for granted. In our culture, we turn the tap on, and there’s water. Only during extremely hot and summers do we ever have to worry about rationing our usage. Even then, rationing is typically limited to watering our gardens and other significant uses. Few of us have ever had to worry about having fresh water to drink or wash with. 

But, the situation isn’t the same all over the world. There are many countries where fresh, clean water isn’t in good supply, and studies show that even countries with an adequate water supply right now might not always have unlimited access unless we change our habits. 

While the planet is made up of 70% water, 97.5% of this is salt water, which isn’t suitable for drinking, and around 2% is locked in icecaps and glaciers, leaving very little to drink. As the population continues to grow and the earth becomes more overcrowded, this becomes a substantially greater concern. So, here are six of the easiest ways that you can save water at home. 

Collect Water

Ok, so this isn’t about using less water as such, but instead using different water. Did you know that rainwater is safe to drink? Even if you didn’t want to drink it, it’s perfect for watering plants, washing cars, filling paddling pools, etc. 

Collecting rainwater in a slimline tank is a great way to use less of the water supply, and it couldn’t be easier. A slimline tank can store 5000 liters of water, which is around 62 loads of washing. Get more information by clicking this link

Turn the Tap Off

On average, for every minute the tap runs, six liters of water go down the drain. If you brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, that’s twenty-four liters a day. Which makes a total of 8760 liters a year wasted just by running the tap when you brush your teeth. 

Shower Quickly

Ten minutes in the shower could see 170 liters of water go down the drain. Ask yourself if you really need ten minutes every day? Could you wash faster? Try setting a timer on your phone to speed up your showers. 

Wash Full Loads

Washing one full load of washing uses less water and energy than two half loads. Doing full loads, especially if you do them on a cooler and shorter wash than your machine's standard, could save both water and money

Eat Seasonal Produce

Eating local produce in season means fewer animals need to be reared, and fewer crops need to be grown in artificial conditions, which means far less water is required. Eating seasonally and shopping locally also means that less fuel is used in transportation and that you are supporting small local businesses

Steam Food

When we boil food, we waste water and nutrients. Steaming is healthier and uses less water. If you do boil, retain the leftover water and use it to create soups and stocks or water your plants. 

Saving water is easy. Often it just means being more mindful of your usage and taking a little more care. But, none of the changes are disruptive to your life, so why wouldn’t you try?

Now more than ever it's crucial to be mindful of everything to do with our Mother Earth and the necessity to care just a little or a lot more.

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