7 Tips For Cutting Down On Alcohol For Better Health

Cutting back on alcohol could be great for your health but also cutting it out all together ocassionally helps too. 

However, in many cases, it isn’t easy to cut it out completely – alcoholic drinks are everywhere and hard to avoid at times. Especially during social gatherings. But who's to say, you can't drink in moderation or choose other alternatives for the better reasons and to simply enjoy yourself and relax a little.

With so many birthday celebrations coming up for us and the holidays around the corner it only seemed like the perfect time to share some tips on helping cut down alcohol a few small yet effective ways for myself and so I thought I'd share. I'm not one to drink a lot anyways mostly on special occasions or at gatherings. But there are sometimes those long days that require a glass of wine, none the less I prefer to drink in moderation or go weeks to months without drinking simply to give my body a nice healthier break.

Here are some tips and alternatives for cutting down on the booze for the upcoming holiday seasons.

Start keeping a record of your drinks

Many of us don’t realize just how much we’re drinking per week. Keeping a record of your drinks could help you to see just how much you’re drinking. There are apps that you can use to help keep a record of your drinks. Alternatively, you may prefer to keep a personal paper diary just like you would a food journal.

Opt for non-alcohol/low-alcohol substitutes

There are many beers and wines nowadays that are non-alcoholic or have a low alcohol content. These could help you to feel as if you are still drinking without consuming harmful alcohol levels (if you’re at a social function, this could also prevent you from standing out as a non-drinker, preventing you from being peer pressured into drinking). Many convenience stores and bars also sell these drinks.

Do Your Best to Not Keep Alcohol at Home

You’re more likely to consume alcohol if you have it available in your home. Try to avoid keeping drinks in your home so that you’re not tempted to have a tipple. This might not be easy to do if other members of your household drink, although you may be able to ask them to hide their drinks or to not drink around you. But you have the control of how much you consume.

Be The Designated Driver

When going to a party or going out for a meal, consider taking on the role of the designated driver. Knowing that you have to drive will stop you from consuming as much alcohol. You’ll also have an excuse if people keep offering you drinks.

Encourage Friends and Family to Support You

It’s easier to cut down on alcohol if you have the support of people around you. Make sure that your family and friends know that you are trying to cut down so that they don’t try to offer you drinks. Be wary of friends that are negative influences – if friends are egging you on to drink, you may want to limit social time spent with them until they start supporting you. Fellow non-drinkers will likely be able to offer the best support.

Know when to get professional support

If your love of drinking borders on addiction, you may want to get professional support – especially if you’ve found out that your health is at risk. There are clinics that offer addiction treatment, helping you to go completely sober. There are also support groups in which you can talk to other people struggling with a drinking problem.

Reward your progress

If you succeed at cutting down on alcohol, make sure to reward your progress. Don’t reward yourself with drinks – instead consider other ways to reward yourself, such as taking all the money saved and spending it on some new clothes or putting it towards the holidays. Make sure to set targets for yourself with rewards in advance in order to keep you focused.

You have the power to control your alcohol intake and no, it's definitely not a bad thing to drink. As long as you don't abuse it and the less you drink or not drink at all, it's definitely much better and healthier on your body.

Personally I like to drink in moderation and I prefer to drink less sugary alcoholic beverages. I like that nowadays healthier options are available so that we can drink guiltlessly during social gatherings or when having a night cap at home after a long week.

Below are some options for non-alcoholic beverages that I personally recommend.

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