Advice for Installing a New Fence in Your Backyard

A fence in your yard serves several different purposes. It helps to create privacy and prevents people from trespassing too. It's also an aesthetic feature to add to your home, with a variety of styles available. The easy way to install a new fence is to have someone else do it for you. But if you're someone who is used to doing a little bit of DIY, you might consider installing a new fence yourself. Once you've removed the existing fence, if there is one, there are several steps that you will need to take to put up a brand new fence.

Choose a Style of Fence

Before you can install a fence, you need to make some decisions about what type of fence you want to have. The type of fence that you choose will probably depend on your needs. If you're looking for more privacy, close board fencing and overlap fencing could do the job for you. Picket fencing offers less privacy, but it's stylish and can be used to provide borders or break up your yard. Trellis fencing can provide a pretty option too, or it can be used as a decorative addition to the top of a solid fence.

Find the Right Materials

Choosing the right materials will likely come next on your list of things to do. Firstly, you need to decide what sort of fence posts to use. You can have concrete fence posts, or you can use wooden posts or metal posts. You can also set your posts in concrete or use post supports. Concrete posts are stronger but require more work to install, whereas wooden posts also offer strength but have a chance of rotting. It's also a good idea to get more information on the different types of wood available. Pine, poplar and oak offer just three options for timber if you're planning on building a fence.

Prepare Well

Preparing properly will make the process of installing a new fence a lot easier. Once you've decided what sort of fence you want and which materials to use, you will need to do some calculations. You need to work out the length of your fence posts, making sure that you have enough extra height to secure your posts in the ground. You will also need to calculate the number of panels needed for your fence. Preparing the area where you will install your fence is important too, so make sure you clear it and mark out where you want to put your fence.

Research the Process

It's much better to understand what you're doing than to try and put up a fence through guesswork alone. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources that will help you to make sure you're getting it right. You can read blog posts, watch videos and check out books that explain each step that you need to carry out. You will need to know how to fix your fence posts in place and how to fix your panels to the fence.

When you want to install a new fence in your backyard, do your research before you get started, so you know what to do.

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