DIY Mud & Plaster Vases | Pottery Barn Inspired

 Are you loving the vintage clay pottery trend as much as I am lately?

I must admit at first I wasn't too sure it was worth trying. But soon I realized how easy it could be with just a few things you can find in your garage or even right outside your house.

Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel happen to be two of my favorite places to find high quality decor, and occasionally I get lucky and find things on sale but these vases or vintage clay looking vases do not come cheap. Honestly though these two retail home stores are great to walk through for home decor inspiration and so I'm that person just strolling the store for all the inspo. 

These DIY vases were in fact inspired by Pottery Barn this time around. And I gotta say I got lucky when I found these two second hand vases, because they were exactly what I was looking for in size even though at the time I didn't know it yet. Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

The smaller vase I found at the OC Goodwill for $3.99 and the larger one I found at another second hand store called EcoTown, which some of you may or may not be familiar with, for $9.99. I figured the larger one was a bit of a splurge considering it was second hand but the size and shape of it was exactly what I wanted. And lately considering the trend, good shape vases are hard to find.

Today I'm going to finally share how I re-created the expensive look of these two vases, step by step. And I'll make sure to link the items I had on hand and where you can easily find them too.

You definitely want to start by giving them a good wipe down. 

I'll start by sharing how I DIY'ed the smaller black vase to give it that handcrafted ceramic look.

Step 1. First I gave it a couple of black flat spray paint coats.

Step 2. Then I mixed some dirt with water to get that thick mud consistency. 

Step 3. Rub the mud all over the vase in the same direction, in this case I went all around on a horizontal direction. Make sure to get it everywhere.

Step 4. After you've let it dry out in the sun for a few hours, you want to wipe the dry mud off with an old towel or rag. In this case, mine looked just how I expected but I rubbed off the dirt a little too hard and scratched off some of the black paint. So be gentle. Trial and error.

I ended up going back in a few spots with some black chalk paint to add a bit of more texture and to hide some of the imperfections, but the imperfections are exactly what created the look I wanted for this vase. Then I went ahead and sealed it with this.

Regardless of the somewhat visible scratches, I love that they add character and that handcrafted feel to this vase. It's definitely one of my favorite DIY's yet, that of course is besides the next vase I'll be sharing below.

This next vase did in fact turn out better than I expected in all honesty. A little into the process I was almost afraid I had already messed it all up and that it was going to be a complete fail. But you'll see below how I managed to make it even more beautiful.

Step 1. I started by giving it two coats of white flat paint.

Step 2. I took a look in my garage for anything that would help me add texture to the vase and luckily we had this Permanent Patch textured caulking compound on hand that we normally use to patch or fix any outdoor stucco if necessary.

I brushed that on in strokes in all different directions to make sure it was all covered and that it had that handmade ceramic look. After applying a single coat which was plenty, you want to let it dry overnight. It has a rubbery finished feel so you have to give it plenty of time to dry.

This is where I wasn't sure if I liked this texture alone. It did have a cool look to it but not the look I was going for.

Step 3.  Therefore the next day I decided to play with it some more, it was either going to be a lost cause or a total win. So I went ahead and grabbed some of the spackling that we normally keep around to fill in holes on the walls in the house. I added some water to it to loosen it up and so that it was easy enough to apply to the vase with my hand. I almost felt like I was back in my old high school ceramics class while I was doing this.

I honestly couldn't have been happier with how it turned out. It was definitely a WIN!

Step 4. Finally I knew I wanted to keep the vase neutral to show off the texture of it. Therefore I used some of my favorite, Country Chic Paint in the color Cheesecake.

Make sure to use code CHARMEDCROWN10 for 10% off your purchase.

In the end, this vase didn't need to be sealed, you could, but I didn't want to seal it, I love the clay plaster look it has and the texture all over just screams handmade, when in reality it practically is.

It turned out better beyond my expectations and sometimes you just have to go with your gut in order to figure out if a DIY is going to go as you expect or better. But hey even if it turns out as a fail at least you'll learn from it, it's all in the trial and error.

Sources to the items I used on each of the vases are linked below.

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