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Can you believe we're well a week into September? I was hoping to have this blog post up by earlier this week but life always happens friends. Around here at least sometimes it's just inevitable.

So I'm really excited to finally be sharing a few of my favorites for the month and hopefully some sales we can all appreciate even after Labor Day weekend. 

September is not only my birthday month, but it's also my sister's, brothers, niece, and nephew's birthdays. Crazy I know.  And so that only means that I have to think of not only the things want to get for myself but also think of some cool or comforting birthday gifts to give.  I'm certain many of you have birthdays or anniversaries this month as well, and so I hope these maybe also help make shopping just a little easier for the September babes in your life.

When I think of September, regardless of Summer being over or not, I already have all the cozy vibes in mind. I imagine flowers, candles, sweaters, books, comfy shoes and pajamas always paired with a warm cup of coffee or tea.

Personally I love the thought of things feeling a little slower once the Fall season starts to creep in. Even though structure and routine are more so in tact, it doesn't feel as pressured during this time. The thought of having a candle lit beside me while in some cozy pajamas or my favorite cozy new sweater with my favorite book is my thought of the perfect cozy night in. This time of year is also when we start making plans for end of the year and new year to come. I personally start to consider buying a new planner for the new year so I can feel somewhat organized before I get caught up with the holidays.

This year I also realized I needed to invest in a new bag and I'm currently obsessed with the backpack carrier bags, not to mention a versatile one that I could travel with. Besides being obsessed with fitness wear I'm all about comfy sneakers and I might have to create a blog post on just that topic alone because there are so many I'm currently obsessed with.

A lot of you are asking about my favorite fitness wear so stay close because a blog post on that is coming soon.

This time of year is my favorite, did I say that already?  Not my favorite being another year older but definitely my favorite season. Hope you enjoyed this post of my favorite things this month and it's never too late to have your favorite things in mind.

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