Starbucks Inspired Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte

 Throughout the years I've been obsessed with the Starbucks PSL and awaited the season with so much anticipation for it amongst many other reasons.  But in the last three to four years I've become more aware of how many calories it carries and cut down to only indulging in having one per season.  It's definitely not a latte you should have daily.  Personally I see the PSL as more of a treat than actual coffee.

I'm a dark coffee drinker at heart but I love a treat every once in a while, except I don't like feeling guilty about having it. So if there's a way to indulge this season without too much guilt, then I'm going to make it, so that there's room for other ways to indulge ;)

Thanks to my most recent find, PURECANE Sweetener has become a must have kitchen essential. I love that it's keto friendly and overall a healthier sweetener for anyone and any diet.

I love that you get all the benefits of a sweetener but without the calories.

Following a keto to low-carb keto diet has really changed my perspective on a lot of the ways I eat and drink. I hope that bringing some of these recipes to you helps you see that eating healthy is still just as delicious without the extra stuff our bodies don't need.

I love being introduced to cooking and kitchen essentials that help make eating and feeding me and my family healthier options for better living. 

Now I get to enjoy drinks like the original PSL in a skinnier version thanks to PURECANE sweetner which is all the sweetness without the calories and actual sugar.

Find the recipe below.


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