4 Pitfalls Of Hoarding Most People Don't Recognize


Leading a healthy lifestyle is always a balancing act. From eating healthy and exercising regularly to indulging in a cheat day, you’ve got to do what makes you feel happy, as well as what’s responsible.

Hoarding falls into the same category.

Keeping hold of every item you’ve ever owned isn’t a smart move. Most people think of the amount of cleaning and clutter and shiver.

However, it’s often the stuff below the surface you can’t see that is more impactful. On its face, hoarding is no big deal, yet deeper down, there are consequences.

Here are four most people don’t recognize.

Losing Money

There are two aspects of hoarding that lead to people losing money. The most apparent is that the clutter you hold onto could sell for a considerable sum in the right quantities, something eBay and Gumtree users have proved in the last decade.

However, hoarding is a mentality, which is why it affects how you manage your money. For example, The Economic Times highlights how hoarders always save without considering the alternatives. A rainy day fund is essential, yet if you want to boost your wealth, a diverse investment portfolio is a no-brainer.

Poor Skin Care

Of The Spruce’s thirty-two items to get rid of right away, one of them is skin products such as sun lotion and moisturizer. This might appear less than frugal, but the truth is these items degrade in quality over time.

Therefore, wearing old skincare products is a surefire way to treat the body’s biggest organ poorly. From burns to crow’s feet and bags under the eyes, hoarders can more regularly experience these issues if they don’t top-up their beauty range often.

Inability To Move

The house of your dreams is something everybody imagines in secret. No matter how much you love your current property, you can’t resist the urge to go for something bigger and better. It’s part of the reason the average American moves up to twelve times in a lifetime. But, North American Van Lines points out how clutter is one of the biggest factors behind an unsuccessful effort as moving more things takes longer and costs extra.

As such, it’s not common for homeowners to make a rash decision never to move again. Sadly, this has two effects. Firstly, you miss out on potential funds from any market increases. Secondly, you never land the house of your dreams.

Low Home Productivity

The world is working remotely due to the Covid-19 health crisis. You might be thankful you still have a job, yet there’s no telling how companies will react. Therefore, it’s vital to show your worth to provide a buffer, particularly during hard times.

However, this is tough to do for hoarders as they cram home offices with junk that causes distractions. Also, it prevents you from creating a cozy and welcoming workspace that is conducive to hard work. Hoarding might not lead to being fired, yet it can affect the standard of your workload.

Are you a hoarder?

Have you experienced any of the above?

However continuously going through your storage and getting rid of things is such a satisfying feeling. I'm always doing that and selling or donating and it feels so good knowing that they'll eventually be going to someone else's home who'll appreciate them more than I have in a while.

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