All It Takes is 10 Minutes to Give Yourself a Boost

Everyone's busy - it's a fact of life. People often think of their time in terms of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. "I'm busy " seems to be an acceptable answer to the question "How are you?" It's the excuse most people use to procrastinate on unpleasant tasks or to sound important at work.

But in reality, you're never too busy for 10 minutes. Ten minutes is all it takes to improve any area of your life every day. You can practice yoga, try out techniques from Bob Ross paintings, or shop for knitting kits from online quilt shops - the possibilities are endless.

Instead of using the 'I'm busy' card always, set aside some busy parts of your life and invest 10 minutes to re-invent yourself. 

Here are some easy ways to develop your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

For Your Body | Take a Guilt-Free Nap

There's nothing wrong with resting when you are tired. If the workday afternoon feels too dragging, skip the burst of sugar or cup of coffee. Instead, get some 10 minutes so quality shut-eye to improve alertness, accuracy and clarity.

Get Moving

Not everyone has the time, resources or energy to commit to an hour-long day at the gym or an hour's worth of workout class. But your body needs exercise to stay fit and healthy. How can you strike a balance between the two?

Fortunately, YouTube is a wellspring of 5-minute workouts. You can follow two workouts during your free time. Or if workouts aren't your thing, go out for a walk. Go outside and practice some breathing exercises while rejuvenating your body and mind.

Go Outside | Meet Friends For Coffee

Instead of staying cooped up indoors, go outside to stretch your legs for just 10 minutes. This is enough time to improve concentration, brain function and focus. Plus, spending more time outside means your body gets its daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun.

Meeting friends at a local coffee shop and taking time to walk and talk is sometimes the best remedy and mindful thing to do for yourself and a friend.

For Your Mind | Practice Gratitude

Take 10 minutes to list down the things that you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude is not just good for the soul; it can improve your physical health, as well as motivate your psychological health. Pondering on all the blessings you have and the people in your life give you a positive mindset, which opens the door for more relationships.

Start by writing down three positive things about your life and watch your mood lift. Doing this will also improve your resilience and self-esteem, which means you can handle stress better, as well as grow mentally stronger.

By focusing more on what you are thankful for, you experience sustained feelings of happiness and fewer feelings of aggression.

Seek Support

Life is difficult. When you're struggling with work or money is tight, it's hard to stay positive and motivated to work toward your goals. Most problems aren't too major, but they can prevent you from functioning at your best.

Find support through therapy. The Internet is rich with information on online counseling programs where you can chat online with counselors. You can also schedule a personal appointment with a therapist to help you face issues.

Make Yourself Laugh

A giggle-fest will not just make you laugh; it can also lower your stress and blood pressure, as well as lighten up your mood. Indulge in a marathon of funny animal videos or enjoy a movie night with nothing but your favorite comedies.

Put Down Your Phone

You face plenty of distractions every day - most of them involve your phone. From messages and calls to YouTube marathons, you are always on your phone. Give yourself a break and improve your productivity by putting your phone down. Refrain from picking it up for 10 minutes.

Check-In with Yourself

When was the last time you asked yourself "How are you doing?"? A 10-minute self-evaluation can help you process current comings and goings. Ask yourself what is going right or wrong with your day. Better to say all of these out loud so you are aware of what's bothering you. You can also write down your feelings just to let it all out.

Set Yourself Up for a Better Tomorrow

In terms of work, the last 10 minutes of the day is crucial for setting yourself up for a successful day tomorrow. Before you call it a day, go through the next day's to-do list - did you finish all of your work or do you have to move some of them the next day?

All it takes is 10 minutes to improve yourself and practice self-care. Even though you are busy, always give yourself 10 minutes to build a better you.

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