Are you Happy? | 5 Ways To A Happier Lifestyle

So what makes us happy?

Human beings were created for love and happiness. As the saying goes, there is enough love for everyone, don't worry, be happy! 

Though happiness is different for everyone, some other logistics and habits can lead to a better, productive, and happy lifestyle. These are based on science, research, and an overall view of what makes your lifestyle a happy one.



How often do you smile? How do you take situations? Are you always a frown nerd or a happy face? Research shows that wearing a smile is a two-way street for you and whom you are smiling at. Smiling releases dopamine, which is in charge of making us happy! But don't go wearing a plastic smile all day, try starting your day with a smile, and you will notice a happier you.


While still on attitude, be grateful for life, things you have, family, and people around you.  Studies show that gratitude tends to alleviate your mood and increases the feelings of hope and happiness.

Compliment others

Also, compliment someone else; it might be what they need at that particular time. You will brighten someone's mood and boost your happiness.

Physical Health


One can't emphasize enough on the importance of exercise for the human body, system, and brain.  Exercising helps reduce stress levels, anxiety, and depression, improving your mental health status. For improved mental health, visit to boost your self-esteem and make you happier.

From now, try participating in small short exercises or physical activities like jogging, cycling, or joining a gym class or Zumba class, yoga, and notice the difference.  It doesn't have to be too vigorous or longer hours, just short spans regularly / daily. 


Many may argue, but hey, your body and brain need a resting time, which is sleep time. Individuals who don't get enough sleep tend to have serious side effects, including unnecessary headaches, lack of concentration, drowsiness, and general tiredness.

Avoid these by taking at least 7 hours of sleep every night. These work better when you have a specific routine. Decide when to go to sleep and be in bed at that particular time every day. If fighting insomnia, try using soothing music, or keep your bedroom quiet and dark and have comfortable bedding. It will work, and you will wake up full of energy and happier.

Eat healthily

You are what you eat, you know, literally! Healthy eating equals a healthier body and a happier individual. Have your meals balanced and delicious if you can make delicious healthy meals, learn how, eat out, or get someone to do it.

For instance, carbohydrates release serotonin, a feel-good hormone. Poultry, dairy, and legumes and learn neat releases dopamine.

Decide to eat better every day, and with time, you will get used to it and be happier.

Final Word

Other activities you can do to boost your happiness include; decluttering your spaces, inhaling and exhaling deeply, planning your duties, and get companions like friends or family.   We know it can be easier said than done, but you will work for it if you want it hard enough. Being happy is a choice and you can learn to remain positive in tough times.  

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