Healthy Ways For Enjoying Nutritional Lunches

 Most people have their dinner meals under control, but the same can’t quite be said for lunch. And it’s not hard to see why -- it can be something of a difficult meal, since most of us have to work at an office. All too often, we end up buying lunch from a nearby spot, but this can be problematic for two reasons. First, it’s expensive. Second, it’s not always as healthy as you might think.

In this post, we’re going to focus on some useful tips that’ll lead you towards ways of having healthy lunches, every single day.

Eat a Nutritious Breakfast 

One of the reasons why people end up having an unhealthy lunch is because, by the time their lunch hour rolls around, they’re already starving. And as soon as hunger begins to build, it doesn’t take long before a person has convinced themselves that they should actually go to that fast-food place. One of the reasons why so many people are hungry come midday is because they don’t have an energetic and filling breakfast. Some cereal won’t suffice! Make time for a healthy breakfast, and you won’t be as hungry come lunch.

Breakfast doesn't mean eating as soon as you wake up, if you practice intermittent fasting like I do, then breakfast is usually around 10am or 11am and lunch rolls around 2pm or 3pm. That means I'm literally breaking my fast at that time, so that I don't starve by the time I'm ready to eat lunch.

So it will look different for everyone but it doesn't mean I don't have 3 full meals a day because I definitely do.

Make Your Own

Making your own meals is not only better tasting but definitely healthier. And bring those meal preps or leftovers to work with you.

The best, simplest way to improve your lunch experience is to make your own. It’ll be cost effective, and can be super healthy. A lot of people don’t like doing this, all because they think taking a homemade lunch involves taking a boring sandwich or something. This is not the case! There are plenty of amazing salads that you can make, and what about leftovers? If you’ve got a microwave at your work, then try this delicious carrot ginger soup.

You’ll love it for dinner, and the next day you’ll be able to take the leftovers to work for a delicious lunch. Perfect!

Avoid Over Snacking & Unhealthy Snacks

The best way to stay healthy at work is to avoid 'over' snacking and sugary snacks. It can be damaging overall!

For starters, you’ll find that you snack more than you’d like when you’re sitting at your desk. Second, it might just ruin your lunch. By the time your lunch break arrives, you might be “false-full,” which is to say, you’ll feel like you’ve had a meal but you actually haven’t -- which may cause you to avoid eating your healthier nutritious lunch and just continue snacking more.

Have the odd mid-morning snack, sure, but be sure not to take things too far. 

Don’t Eat At Your Desk  

Finally, don’t just think about what you’re eating, but also where you’re eating. It can sometimes be tempting to eat lunch at your desk, especially if you have a lot of work to do, but this is not a good habit to get into. There’s the physical aspect (it’ll be better to go for a walk and get some exercise), but also the mental aspect too.

You’re not designed to spend the whole day working; your brain needs a period away from the screen. Even if you don’t want to, make yourself get up and leave the office for thirty minutes. This also includes those of us working from home, I definitely make sure to get up for at least 15 minutes every hour if I'm stuck on my computer for a few.

Hope these tips help you and remind you that there are better and healthier ways of going about your lunch meals and lunch break. There are very nutritious ways to having a delicious healthy lunch and actually enjoying it.

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