Packing the Box, or Throwing It Away: Helping Yourself Move On

Everybody wants to have a happier life in some way. Sometimes we can spend a lot of effort thinking that the grass is greener on the other side but rather than looking over the fence and dreaming about what could be, there are times when we have to take the plunge and take steps to move on. But moving on is one of those things in life that is never easy. When we consider moving in a different direction in life, we can feel scared because it's the unknown.

But what can we do to help ourselves move on?


Do What You Can to Prepare

When we are starting again we don't necessarily have to leap directly out of everything we know. This is a common misconception, but when there is that short, sharp, shock this naturally leads to feelings of insecurity. You may feel that you aren't doing the right thing. This is why it's important to learn how to take steps in the right direction, slowly but surely. If you feel you need to move away, you can easily compare rates to move apartments so you know what situation you are in financially. You don't have to spend your life savings on a gamble. And this is something that makes it less scary. It's important that when we move on in life that we do what we can to control the situation.

You Are Not Completely Broken

We may feel battered and bruised because what we are doing doesn't feel right but this means that when we start to practice what a new life would look like, by researching somewhere to live we have to remember at this point that we are being proactive. We are doing something to get out of the life we are leading. When times are tough, you may feel that every aspect of you was broken, but it may not be the external factors making you feel so bad about yourself. It might be yourself that is emotionally beating yourself up.

Practice Thinking About Yourself in a Better Light

You may feel that you need to improve on so many different things and you may come to the realization that you've spent half your life beating yourself up self consciously. When you try to fit in or be less sensitive or less needy, all of these things can be viewed as negative or they can be a part of who you are. You can flip the negative and look at what you have done through your actions all this time. But now if you are seeing things differently you should now think yourself worthy of self-care. This is something we won't need to remember. If we spend so long looking after others, we can neglect ourselves.

Moving on is a term that is incredibly loaded. But there are things we can do to make a difference to ourselves. Moving on is a way to lead a better life. Some people can tell you that moving on is negative but ultimately, you know what is best deep down, you just have to trust your instincts.

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