Small Pantry Organization

 It's that time of year when I get the itch to ramble through my kitchen and get organized for the upcoming holidays.

You see we tend to host Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving dinners and we like to at least have an idea of what we have in our pantry and if we need to restock or at least know how and where to find everything so much easier.

The organization of our pantry rarely lasts because I realized past attempts were not as functional. So I'm really hoping that this time around it does.

I'm not kidding when I say our pantry is small, we have a top portion also but that's more so for the dog food, snacks and bulkier items that aren't quite pantry friendly. That portion is maintained pretty well considering.

Things only get crazy when everyone decides to buy their own bag of chips or a Costco run is made, which is very far in between.

Below is what the pantry looked like before.

The main problem to this chaos was our spices and baking essentials amongst everything else.  Last year I made an attempt to organize our spices by buying these similar jars and they worked. They were definitely easier to find but they still got moved around quite a lot and things get shifted a lot because there was no particular place for them.

So I finally made more time and decided it was time to tame this mess, so I headed to two of my favorite bargain stores.  Dollartree and TJMaxx/Homegoods, they had exactly what I needed and I didn't spend more than $35 to finally get things assorted quite nicely.

Unfortunately both of these stores make it hard to link the exact items I purchased but I did my best to find similar and affordable organizers for you. I'll make sure to link them below.

I bought two large clear bins with wooden lids, one is for all of our spices and yes they all fit and the other is strictly for baking essentials and yes they all fit also.

Everything else I grabbed smaller compartment basket bins for and organized as much as possible, now all I have to do is label the bins.

I've also linked other organizational items I will be investing in very soon to organize this pantry and under each sink in the house, because I'm seriously on an organization kick, oh and don't get me started on the kitchen drawers, I've already started.


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