Stop Isolating Yourself From Others | How Not To Feel Alone

Even though self-isolation has been one of the most popular buzzwords during the peak of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that you should make it an everyday habit. 

As human beings, we are social creatures, which means that we thrive on social interactions. 
We need people for love, friendship, guidance, attention, and to satisfy our sense of belonging to a community. Yet, more and more adults find themselves stuck in a reclusive lifestyle for all the wrong reasons. 

Why do we feel disconnected from the people around us, and how can we bridge the gap again? 

Finding Everyday Communication Hard

What role does communication play in your day-to-day life? 

If you are unsure, try to consider all the occasions when you need to talk to people. 

A typical day could include some of the following: 
  • Calling a friend or a relative
  • Doing your grocery shopping
  • Talking with the neighbors on your way out
  • Reaching out to co-workers and clients
  • Planning an appointment with your doctor, dentist, hairstylist, etc.
  • Etc.

Yet, if you remove communication, your day can feel empty and silent. 

Unfortunately, for many people who are experiencing some degrees of hearing loss, communication is the first thing that suffers. When you can’t talk to others, you become lonely and isolated. Yet, there is no need for that. Nowadays, you can reach out to an audiologist to get your ears tested and receive hearing aids if you need any. Approximately 14% of Americans have some hearing loss, but too many fail to diagnose and treat it. 

Carrying Too Much Resentment or Anger

We’ve all had a bad day. A day where everything was going against you, and you couldn’t help but feel angry. Anger can dramatically affect your behavior and your interactions with others if you don’t let go of it. 

Frustrations and negative feelings are part of our lives. However, you need to remove them from your mind to focus on a happy lifestyle. Why does it matter? Because frustration and resentment can lead to bitterness and conflicts. In the long-term, someone who chooses to see only the negative in life can feel isolated from others. 

Breathe in, breathe out, and smile until you fill yourself up with positive energy. 

Rejecting Opportunity 

Are you the kind of person who refuses new experiences? Nobody feels confident about going out of their comfort zone. 

However, if you keep saying no to all the invitations that come your way, people will stop inviting you. It can be hard to break the cycle but take inspiration from Shonda Rhimes – yes, that Shonda Rhimes from Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy – who’s decided to say yes to everything for a year. The positive results are likely to make up for your temporary discomfort. There’s a rush of adrenaline in accepting all opportunities (within reason). 

For a start, you start making friends, pushing your boundaries, and embracing your dreams. 

We live in a world that buzzes with connections. You can’t afford for your own sake to live in isolation. Engaging in communication, making plans, and building a path to happiness are some of the most important reasons why you need to surround yourself with a network of people. 

Whether your resentment, fear, or health keeps you away from others, it’s time to take back control. You owe it to yourself to build a connected lifestyle. 

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