6 Easy Steps To Designing A Newborn's Room

When you first bring your newborn home you will be allowing your child to sleep right next to you in your own bedroom. This is completely normal, as not leaving the baby alone is the preferred method for the first month or so.

However, eventually, you will need to get some sleep and you can’t force yourself to not make any noises that could disturb your baby that is just 1 foot away.

So, designing a newborn’s room becomes a priority. We highly recommend that you begin to consider what your newborn’s room could look like, even before you give birth to him or her.

This way you have plenty of time to design, implement and experiment before you actually have to begin using it.

Carpet floor

A hardwood floor is very common in modern households because it is stylish, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and allows for healthier air in the room. However, the downsides are apparent too, as it doesn’t allow for a warm room. Naturally, a hardwood floor will be colder and this can spell health concerns for your baby. So, consider carpeting your nursery and allowing for more heat to be trapped in the fibers and this will allow your baby to stay warm all year round. 

However, if you don’t want to carpet your home because you’re afraid of giving your baby allergies or you simply cannot afford it, you can use an area rug instead. An area rug that is made out of cotton is the recommended choice because wool could harbor too much bacteria while a synthetic carpet might cause allergies in the air to flourish.

Choose your curtains

You have no idea how important your curtains are going to be. Not only will they protect our baby’s fragile eyes from being blinded by the sun, but they will also protect your baby from the cold. It's best to use a mixture of cotton and linen for your curtains, as they allow for more air circulation but they also trap heat very well. The curtains will also be lightweight, which allows for a decent amount of sunlight to go through and fill up the room with natural light. 

However, it's also wise to choose your curtains first because you don’t want your color scheme to clash with your painted walls. If you have wallpaper then there may not be as much choice, but if you are starting from scratch and painting your walls, choose your curtains first.

A nice changing table

Your changing table has to be nice and playful. Bear in mind, your baby is going to urinate and do number twos all day long, so he or she will spend a lot of time looking up and around while lying on the changing table. So, place the following things on the changing table to help your baby to calm down and not be frightened while in a vulnerable position.

  • Place stuffed toys on the table. This keeps your baby preoccupied and not kicking away as much, so you can change them quickly.

  • Place some photos on the while directly above. This could be photos of the family to help your baby become familiar with your faces. Or, it could be photos of their favorite character in baby books.

  • Put a blanket on the changing table, so if your baby is cold while getting changed, he or she won’t feel the chill and develop a cold. 

  • Always rest your baby’s head on a small pillow, don’t lie him or her completely flat on the table as it will strain the neck.

Ideas for a small space

Okay so you don’t have as much space as you would like, don’t worry there are tons of ideas for you. We recommend that you go through all of these brilliant nursery ideas for small spaces and pick out the next ones. Firstly, you can downsize the crib and yet, still give your baby plenty of room to move around. With the minimalist crib approach you have more room inside the crib as the bars are thinner, designed to be closer to the mattress and can be moved closer inward if you have less room. Move the crib into the corner as well, this allows for so much more room as you’re not limiting one side or the other.

Other ideas include using floating shelves. It's very important that things don’t fall off the shelves, so having a small lip around the edges will prevent things from dropping onto your baby should they be knocked slightly. 

Be bold

Most modern homes are in the neutral color palette. This is not something you should be transferring to your nursery. Newborn’s should be introduced to color as soon as possible. So be bold and vibrant with the wallpaper or paint choices. You should introduce colors in their toys, books on the shelves, the carpet, the area rug, throw, and curtains to name a few. We’re not saying you make it look like clown school, we’re saying you should try to make an eclectic room which has some kind of linear palette approach. If you’re going for bright blue, keep in this brightness range. 

Make it personal

You have to start imprinting some of the culture that you live in, onto your child. You want your baby to grow up in a household of things that they will like and that are important to you. So having a photo of grandma in the corner where the baby can see it from the crib is a good idea. Also, placing a photo of you and your husband is obviously a good idea, but don’t pick a portrait, pick a photo you like from one of your holidays. 

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