Cozy + Self Care | Holiday Gift Guide

 I can't begin to tell you how I'm already feeling all the cozy feels for this holiday season.

Even though this year seems like it has been far from cozy, we've had no option but to spend more time in our homes and really create a hygge environment for ourselves. With that said, I'm a homebody and I am really looking forward to just spending the holidays at home for the remainder of the year. 

So today I wanted to share all the things that currently are making me want to show myself some extra love by exercising and having all the cozy things creating that environment I need for the holiday season.

With stress levels higher than ever self care is so important nowadays, more so than usual. 

Taking time to drink tea, read a book in your cozy pajamas, taking an afternoon nap, giving yourself an at-home facial or simply slapping on a face mask, soaking tea baths and exercise are all part of self care and everything cozy can be.

I can guarantee that anyone could and would appreciate gifts such as the ones below for that cozier feeling and to be very much relaxed on any day. 

The holidays are to show those we love just how much we care and appreciate them. These gifts will do just that. Promise.

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