Master Bath Renovation Inspo + Before Photos

This bathroom renovation has been a long time coming. 

Below shows the inspiration of what we hope to add in our master bath and would love to hear your thoughts?

Feel free to share them below in the comments, very interested to hear if you think it works or not.

I cannot tell you how nervous and excited I am that it's finally happening, to say that I've been dreaming of this day is an understatement.

Today I'm going to share what this bathroom has looked like since we bought our home until now. I'm actually a little embarrassed to do so because it has been this way for the past five years and though it has been decent enough to use regularly, it's not exactly eye pleasing, at least not to me.

We had other priorities when it comes to fixing up our home, we really have had to prioritize when it comes to choosing our projects and which should come before others. 

This bathroom as fugly as it's been it's also been well enough to use, therefore it wasn't a priority to fix right away. From the current pictures below, you'll see that this bathroom hasn't been renovated since probably the 80's or 90's, at least that's what we think. AND IT'S VERY YELLOW! The floor plan is narrow and therefore not a lot of room for storage.

The cabinetry is super old and dingy and before I let the pictures do more of the talking let me just give you a run down of the main things that need fixing in here and why it's finally time to renovate this Master Bath. 

And because this is in fact a shared master bath, we all use this shower, this home has a master bathroom upstairs and a half bath downstairs.


  • The floor near the thrown aka toilet, is uneven, prior to us moving in I guess the toilet was replaced but we're not sure who did the job, because it was not done well. 
  • The floor creaks, A LOT, therefore new sub flooring is necessary and the current flooring is linoleum and surprisingly the color is decent, didn't bother me as much as everything else.

  • The vanity is so old and ugly it has a mildewy smell and it has been painted over many times, which we've never done.
  • The light fixture above the vanity/sink is practically falling off the wall and needs a new bulb, I've never care to fix it or touch it because again, I haven't felt motivated to renovate this bathroom ever!
  • Shower walls/paneling probably 80's and all I have to say is yuck!

Other than that the only thing I ever did change or add in here was when I removed the towel holder and bathroom tissue holder because they were yuck too. Then we needed to hang our towels from somewhere so we added hooks to the wall. But that's literally it, now see for yourselves.

Just about everything in here except the walls, doors and tub are getting replaced in here.

  • The tub will be getting a refinishing/reglazing if you will and hopefully will look like new.
  • The doors, we hope to replace down the line, currently they are still in decent shape, maybe I'll get creative and do something fun with them next year.
  • The walls are getting a fresh coat of paint, that's it. I'll share more about the color on my Instagram stories, because I'll need your help to decide on a color. :)

Well now that I've finally shared this super not impressive master bath, by all means, feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments. Also let me know your thoughts on the new things we're planning to add in, more to come soon.

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Stay tuned for more coming soon.

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